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"MINX, Poised to Pounce - Indie/Unsigned, Brooklyn, NY - By: Patrick Sullivan"

As a rocker by trade, the only thing I knew about reggae is that it makes girls shake their butts. Naturally, I was a fan before the music even hit my ears, and so I jumped at the chance to be indoctrinated by a “conventional” reggae artist, Minx. Which is interesting, because Minx is anything but conventional.

The 27 year old Minx, born Tammy Ben-Eliezer in Pittsburgh to Israeli parents, brings the heart and soul of the West Indies from Montserrat, where she grew up, to home base in Brooklyn and all over the world. Singing her signature phrase (a mainstay of reggae artists and a trend spreading to hip-hop) of “Oh yes oh yes, I think I need an SOS”, Minx’s hard work has been paying off. With four singles and a myriad of worldwide shows under her belt, Minx is poised to pounce like her namesake onto the mainstream reggae scene.

A veteran performer for ten years, the oft-lauded Minx keeps herself busy to say the least. Since May of last year, she has played a whopping 17 shows from Kingston , Jamaica to Tokyo to New York City , and she has a show in Geneva , New York this summer and the multicity Legends of Rasta Reggae 2005 tour hitting the West Coast this fall. Minx and her manager Isheba (of Empress Productions) are also working on a full length album for the near future.

Minx was born for the spotlight. Growing up in Montserrat , she sang, danced, played piano and football (that’s soccer to Americans) and threw herself into anything she did. “I was one of those girls always at the center of attention,” she says. “I was different and people either respected me or were jealous.” She also developed her love for reggae on Montserrat , and by the age of 14 insinuated herself in the scene.

By 17, she was playing keyboard for the reggae group Wizdom while a student at the University of Pittsburgh . Since then, she’s played the world over and has shared a stage with such esteemed reggae artists as Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, and Sister Nancy.

It isn’t hard to see why Minx inspires respect and jealousy; she’s won numerous awards and has been praised numerous times on the radio and in print. Most recently, Minx’s song “Fly Away” tied for first place at Bump It Live in Dallas , and she won the ASCAPLUS award from The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers last summer.

The first Minx song I was exposed to is “Jah Breathe Life Inna Me”, which Minx did in tandem with Easy Star Productions. After I heard it, I had to play it again. And again. And again. I immediately fell in love with the laid-back riddim (that’s beat to the uninitiated) and soulful lyrics. It’s a refreshing change from most music you’ll find on the radio, and is both musically beautiful and culturally positive. Says Minx: “This is cultural dancehall reggae – positive lyrics backed by more of a roots reggae and live band feel.” It’s also a singjay song, which means Minx sings the reggae as opposed to raps it (which is called deejay). This Rastafarian-influenced jam is Minx’s tribute to spirituality, and she gives credit where credit is due: herself and God.

Next up is “Fly Away”, and is a departure from the cultural dancehall style of “Jah Breathe Life Inna Me. ” “Fly away” is Minx’s closest work to commercial music and is a showcase of her versatility. “This is hip-hop and R&B,” says Minx. “My verses are the only things that make it a crossover to reggae, otherwise it’s very commercial.” Another great song, and the mainstream style is injected with just the right amount of Montserrat .

Minx’s next song, “I Don’t Care,” is an empowering song depicting her struggles in the male-dominated reggae industry. Another versatile song, the verses are hip-hop influenced and the chorus is straight dancehall. Her defiance and independence shines through with lyrics like “I don’t care what people say, I’ma do it my way”.

The last song in the press kit is “Some Man”. With the mad pounding of the riddim, this song virtually forces you onto the dancefloor. Minx describes it as “very ‘Passa Passa,’ which means the type of reggae that makes you dance, has all the elements of hardcore dancehall reggae and my Deejay style.”

With so many artists and labels Minx has worked with (such as Easy Star Records), does she have a home-base? Well, she’s worked out of Brooklyn for the last 8 years, but she’s still on the lookout for the right label. “I work very independently at this time,” admits Minx. “When finished [with her first album], we will be looking for a distribution label to call my home.”

Minx and her manager are currently working on her independently produced debut album. She will be performing in Geneva , NY on July 17th, and the Legends of Rasta Reggae Tour kicks off on September 10th on the West Coast. Additionally, Minx has just returned from Kingston , Jamaica , where she had been shooting her first video for “Some Man”. Look for it soon!

- Northeast In-Tune Magazine - www.northeastintune.com/minx.html

"MINX Receives Award From ASCAP"

For Immediate Release


New York, NY, July 2, 2004 – Female Dancehall Reggae/Pop Recording Artist and songwriter MINX is awarded the ASCAPLU$ AWARD from The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

The ASCAPLU$ award is designed to recognize active songwriters in the early stages of their success in either a standard genre – such as symphonic, chamber, operatic, choral, electronic, liturgical (formal), educational, etc. or a popular genre – such as pop, rock, rap, reggae, r&b, folk, country, Bluegrass, jazz, Latin, Hawaiian, gospel/contemporary Christian, new age, musical theatre, Cabaret, educational works for children, etc. MINX, real name Tammy Michelle Ben-Eliezer, was given this award based on her earnings, performances, and accomplishments for 2004.

MINX is an up and coming female in the Dancehall Reggae industry. Her style is very versatile with a combination of Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Jungle, Garage, Pop, Dancehall and Cultural tunes. This makes her very diverse to the Reggae Arena, not to mention her surprising appearance.
For those of you in the New York City area on July 6, 2004, MINX will be performing alongside the Jah Works Band at SOBs (204 Varick St. at W. Houston St.).

For more information on MINX, an electronic press kit or for booking and contact call: MARCUS BLACK PRODUCTIONS (NY) 917-497-8516

Or email DON1MARCUS@aol.com

To email MINX direct: minx1998@yahoo.com
# # # - Pink Shoes Productions - Press Release


Las Vegas, NV, December 17, 2005 - Female Dancehall Reggae/Pop Recording Artist MINX will be interviewed live on XRadio station Monday, December 19, 2005 at approximately 9:15 a.m. EST.

The XRadio show is all about Reggae and Reggaeton music and airs from 6:00 a.m. to 8 a.m. PST and 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. EST.

The host of the show is Lady Leo and she is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lady Leo's says "my goal is to bring a good flava of independent Reggae and Reggaeton to the masses, but besides that I just want to get you hyped up in the morning, while your getting ready, while your at work or just relaxing."

On September 4th 2004, XRadio.biz was launched, streaming over the Internet 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, all across the world.

To listen to MINX's interview on December 19, please go to the following link: http://xradio.biz/djs/vegas_ladyleo (click on the bottom left ?Listen Live to Las Vegas).

For more info on MINX please visit http://www.sonicbids.com/MINX.

To book MINX please email pinkshoesproductions@yahoo.com

### - Pink Shoes Productions - PinkShoesProductions@yahoo.com

"Dainty Crew Spotlight"


Tammy Michelle Ben-Eliezer was born 23 years ago in the US to Israeli parents. She grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and on the British West Indies island of Montserrat. While in Montserrat she was given the moniker, Minx.

By the age of 14 Minx was DJing and about a year later she began to see DJing as a profession rather than a hobby. Between the ages of 18 and 20 she was a member of the group that were collectively known as WIZDOM. Her role was playing keyboards, singing and also DJing on a few tunes.

Minx considers herself to be, "breaking into the industry as a solo artist" and she doesn't want to pigeon-hole herself into any one category because "that would limit my future capabilities. At the present time, I SingJ and DJ".

One single entertainer cannot be given the credit for inspiring Minx on her musical path but she said "the love for the music was instilled in me from living in the Caribbean". Although she states that she listened to Sister Carol, Sister Nancy, Shabba Ranks, Louie Rankin, Ninjaman, Angie Angel and Tiger prior to and after she started DJing.

Minx enjoys listening to the current crop of Reggae artists as well as Soul artists with the likes of Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige and Toni Braxton topping her list of favourites. She is also partial to Hip-Hop and Calypso.

Mr Vegas doesn't know it but he has a big admirer in Minx. Also they have something in common, they both had accidents with their jaws. Minx's jaw has been dislocated since she was 18 years old due to a problem with her wisdom teeth.

Minx's love for music doesn't stop at just performing she used to host the TV show, Reggae Panorama. She would introduce videos and interview Reggae artists such as Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, Capleton, Shabba Ranks and Maxi Priest to name a few. She also had an involvement in assisting with editing some of the shows.

Minx has collaborated with a number of R&B artists and has written approximately 99% of her own lyrics with the other 1% been written by producers and sound systems when they have given their input to change her lyrics for dubplate purposes. Her lyrics centre around her own and other people's experiences. She would never chat lyrics about Jamaica unless she had first hand knowledge on the subject. This way she feels that people will take her seriously.

Minx has performed at several stage shows including US Sunsplashes and Caribbean Festivals while she was with the WIZDOM Band. She now resides in Brooklyn, New York and has been pushing out her name globally with the help of voicing dubs for the likes of BSG (New York), Fusion Hi Power (England), David Rodigan (England) and Nicetime International (Germany). She advises up and coming DJs to get themselves known through talent shows on the off chance that people in the industry may attend these type of events looking for new, young talent.

Since living in New York she has performed at The Flex Entertainment Showcase at Tropical Reflections, The Palm Court with artists such as Stormy and the Atom Band, Sammy Dread, Devon Clarke, StonyBrook College, The Lions Den, Club Rios near Madison Square Garden, and last October, The Cutting Room on West 24th St. Manhattan where she was the featured artist. Minx has performed around the US East Coast but would like to perform around the world because she loves people and gets along with all nations.

Due to Reggae being male dominated DaintyCrew.com posed the question to Minx on the subject of woman having to fight to get respect from the men in the Reggae business. "Yes and No...It is kind of a difficult question since I am such a stubborn gyal. I feel that all men are different. And the way a woman is treated in society as a whole depends upon how she presents herself to others".

Between June 1999 and June 2000 Minx was signed to All Positive Music Group, who are the New York Street Promotion Team for VP Records. She severed ties with them due to her feeling that they were not doing anything to establish her name on the Dancehall scene.

None of Minx's tunes have been commercially released as yet, but the tunes that seem to be getting the most forwards in a dance are 'Beautiful Lady', 'Some Man', 'Big up de gyals dem', and 'Jah Love'.

Minx gets a buzz from being in front of a crowd and the bigger the crowd the more boastful she is. She "loves attention and letting people experience my point of view". Her dislikes of being a DJ/SingJ are "the struggles and stresses of trying to make it. I am known to be impatient and this gyal wants to bust the dancehall scene now"!

Minx has been crowned the Queen of More Fire upon joining forces with "positive men from Jamaica....all Rastaman by heart and soul...they live with Jah in mind and spirit", The More Fire Crew consists of Riff Raff, Versatile, Deany Culture, Warrior and of course the lady herself.

When not performing Minx has another career outside of the musi - Dainty Crew, U.K. 2001

"Jamaica Observer Article"

Minx is scheming for musical success

MILTON WRAY, Observer writer
Wednesday, August 15, 2001

BORN in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, of Israeli parents and reared between Brooklyn, New York and Montserrat in the Eastern Caribbean, female singjay, Minx, could be said to have experienced her fair share of exposure to diverse cultures. And exposed she is, but the kind of exposure that really matters to this 23-year-old entertainer would be an unmasking to the hard-core dancehall audience.

That is why Minx has been in the island seeking to let herself become well known in the local dancehall music scene as well as to lay down a couple of tracks, yard style. The self-described tomboy, while not a buzz-name yet in recording circles, is as hip on Jamaican rhymes as any homeboy deejay.

And, although she's a foreigner, Minx has not been having any problems syncopating, since her native Montserratian creole is almost identical to Jamaica's patois.

Before jetting to London to join the Fusion sound system truck in the Notting Hill Carnival on August 26 and 27, Minx, real name Tammy Ben-Eliezer, has been busy voicing in Jamaica. Minx feels that recording on the local scene will supply needed inspiration.

In fact, Minx is so confident in her talent that she has all but forgotten about her bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism from Brooklyn College, especially since her short stint at ABC TV was a stressful experience. Her current job as vice principal of a prestigious Manhattan school is only to pay the bills until she gains recognition from music fans.

"Music is my ultimate dream. Whatever else I do, I'm gonna come right back to music," she confesses.

Relentless in her pursuit of dancehall stardom, Minx has been at it since she was first exposed to sound system clashes in Montserrat at age 15.

"Dancehall music is very popular in Montserrat. I started out going to dances and listening to people like Angie Angel, Sister Nancy, Louie Culture and Shabba Ranks," she explains.

Later, as host of the Reggae Panorama TV show on New York cable TV, she would interview some of reggae's leading lights including Capleton, Ziggy Marley, Dennis Brown, Shabba Ranks and Shaggy.

But long before, at age 17, Minx was already touring with the Pittsburgh reggae band, Wisdom, tinkering the ivories all over the US while the band played to sold-out reggae festivals. She became proficient at the piano at age five.

While she still bangs the keys, it is her vocal strength that has come to the fore. Although, even before graduating Pittsburgh's Shaler High, Minx had become a staple singer on the school's talent contests.

Talent shows in New York later led to her signing with the VP Records-affiliated All Positive Music Group, but the association would prove fruitless. Still, Minx remained undaunted.

Her first recording, West of Britain, was released on a jungle-music compilation in Europe. She then forged a deal that saw her providing backgrounds for acts on the popular hip-hop label, Rap-A-Lot.

Although financial rewards have not been abundant from these exploits, for Minx, it's not about the money. "I have music in my heart. Like anything else, you have to get paid when you work, but money should not come first. I'm doing it because it is what I want to do," she says.

The complaints of male dominance are not a deterrent for Minx, either. She vows to take on the man-dominated dancehall scene head-on. "I'm different from all other female artistes. I'm here to change the perception that the music business is a man business, and I won't sell myself for anything," she promises.

Minx will soon be introducing her EP singles Gladiator, Take Your Time and Moving on. While in Jamaica, she recorded duets with Lisa Dainjah and deejay Shotty Poo.

- www.jamaicaobserver.com


Contact:Pink Shoes Productions
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For Immediate Release


New York, NY, October 6, 2005 - Female Dancehall Reggae/Pop Recording Artist MINX has recently released a single with hot Dancehall Reggae artist Turbulence a.k.a. Nefas Awolo.

The song is about nature and giving thanks to Jah, known to others as God. The song has strong lyrics and is an excellent collaboration between Turbulence and Minx.

While Turbulence is a well-known face in the Dancehall Reggae circles, especially in Jamaica, Minx is still pursuing her quest to become one of the major players in the Reggae industry.

The song has been on rotation on Irie FM radio in Jamaica and on www.iriefm.net for those listening on the internet. It also can be heard on RJR Radio, Roots FM and other stations worldwide.

A clip of "So Nice" can be heard on http://www.fijahmusic.tk, who is the European booking agent for MINX.

The single can be purchased on 7" in various Reggae record shops throughout the world and can be purchased online on Ernie B's website, http://www.ebreggae.com.

For more info on MINX please visit http://www.sonicbids.com/MINX.
To book MINX and/or Turbulence and MINX together please email pinkshoesproductions@yahoo.com

"MINX ON THE PROWL - XNews Jamaica"

A minx is described as a bold flirtatious or scheming woman and 27-year-old Tammy Ben-Eliezer aka Minx is certainly bold in her continuous pursiut of making a name for herself in the male-dominated hardcore dancehall fraternity.

Singer/deejay Minx has been in the profession for the past ten years. Although relatively unknown in Jamaica, she has performed at over 17 major stage shows locally, in the US and Tokyo within the past year. She is currently in Jamaica working on 'So Nice,' a compilation with Turbulence, in addition to doing a number of photo shoots.

Minx was born in Pittsburgh, USA to Israeli parents and grew up in Montserrat. She eventually made her home in Brooklyn, New York. She developed her love for reggae in Montserrat and by the age of 14 officially launched her career as a reggae artiste.

As a teenager, she played keyboard for the reggae group Wizdom while a student at the University of Pittsburgh and has since shared the stage with esteemed reggae artistes such as Bounty Killer and Elephant Man. Minx's hard work has been paying off with four singles to date and numerous international concerts. She promises to slowly make a name for herself in Jamaica where she also also aspires to one day become a household name.
- August 31 - September 6, 2005 - written by ROCK

"MINX MAKES HER MARK - Jamaica Sunday Herald"

Not often do yo usee a Caucasian entering the 'ruffneck' hardcore realm of the dancehall fraternity as an artiste - let alone a female. Twenty-seven-year-old Tammy Ben-Eliezer aka Minx has defied the odds by becoming one of the most promising female artists on the male-dominated danchall stage.

Currently in the island working on So Nice, a compilation with Turbulence, in addition to doing a number of photo shoots.

The 'singjay' (singer and deejay) who has a striking similarity in sound to Tanya Stephens, has been in the profession for the past ten years. Although relatively unknown in Jamaica she has performed on over 17 major stage shows locally, in the US and Tokyo within the past year.

- July 24-30, 2005 - written by A. Nelson


New York, NY, October 18, 2005 - Female Dancehall Reggae/Pop Recording Artist MINX has won the ASCAP PLUS AWARD for 2005. Now a two time winner of the prestigious award from The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, she is among a thorough selection of songwriters that were chosen to be honored.

The ASCAP PLUS award is designed to recognize active songwriters in the early stages of their success in a popular genre - such as pop, rock, rap, reggae, r&b, folk, country, Bluegrass, jazz, Latin, Hawaiian, gospel/contemporary Christian, new age, musical theatre, Cabaret, educational works for children, etc. MINX, real name Tammy Michelle Ben-Eliezer, was given this award based on her songwriting accomplishments for 2005.

Her songwriting accomplishments for 2005 include such songs as So Nice, a song with male Dancehall singjay Turbulence, Ease My Mind featuring Dancehall Reggae singer GWhizz, Old Times featuring Angelee and GWhizz, Fly Away, I Don't Care, Trust and Some Man.
Minx has recently received praises from the X News Jamaica, The Star Jamaica and the Jamaica Sunday Herald as one of the most promising female Dancehall Reggae artists and a true talent to look out for in 2005-2006.

For more info on MINX please visit http://www.sonicbids.com/MINX.

Booking Contact in USA - Pink Shoes Productions - pinkshoesproductions@yahoo.com

Booking Contact in Europe: Jochen of Fijah Music (32) 473-320-949 fijahmusic@gmail.com
- Pink Shoes Productions - October 18, 2005


1. "Jah Breathe Life Inna Me," MINX, Easy Star Records, www.easystar.com
2. "Ease My Mind" MINX featuring G-Whizz, Fams House Records
3. "FLY AWAY," MINX, Pink Shoes Productions and Big Beats


Feeling a bit camera shy


MINX is at the peak of her up and coming career as one of the most promising female Dancehall Reggae artists in history.

A single featuring well-known dancehall artist Turbulence, entitled "So Nice" was release in June 2005. The lyrics were nominated for the 2005 International Songwriting Competition in the World Music category.

While in Jamaica in Summer 2005, MINX also recorded songs with Frenz Records on the Spiritual Warfare riddim and FamsHouse Records on the Mama Riddim.

FamsHouse also shot the video for "Ease My Mind" which features up and coming star G- Whizz. This video was shown on Hype TV which is shown in Jamaica and on several TV stations worldwide. The video is viewable at http://www.reggaecountry.com/content/VideoLounge.aspx Find Minx f/GWhizz and click on the video link.

MINX's songs are currently getting worldwide airplay.

Minx was featured on Easy Star Record's compilation entitled Dancehall Culture: Volume 2 in 2002, which features the likes of Luciano, Sister Nancy, Frankie Paul, Half Pint, Delly Ranks and more. Minx's song on this album is called "Jah Breathe Life Inna Me." This song is in the audio section. She has voiced for sound systems all over the globe including Fire Lynx (Jamaica), Fusion HiPower (England), Nicetime International (Germany), Goldstar Messiah (USA) and many others.

In January 2005, MINX won 1st place at BUMP MY SONG LIVE in Dallas, Texas for her song "Fly Away," which is a new song on her independent record project with New York City producers BIG BEATS PRODUCTIONS. This song is featured in the audio section of this press kit, as well.

Minx has performed on stage shows globally including The Americas, Europe and Asia and has opened up for the likes of Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, Vibz Kartel, Yellowman, Sister Nancy and many other well known acts.

Minx started her music career in dancehall reggae at the age of 14. Her professional track began at the age of 17 when she joined a reggae band in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called WIZDOM. While attending the University of Pittsburgh, she played keyboards for the band and gave the crowd her dancehall flavor on the mic. She also hosted a television show called Reggae Panorama, where she interviewed such artists as Maxi Priest, Ziggy Marley and Capleton to name a few. Minx also collaborated with rap artists, R&B groups and jungle music producers to broaden her talents.

The West Indian culture was placed in Minx's heart and soul from living on the Caribbean island of Montserrat. Her style is very diverse, ranging from cultural/reality lyrics to ragga dancehall lyrics "fe de gyals dem." Minx also likes to incorporate all different kinds of other genres of music to reggae, causing an international appeal.

The Reggae culture queen most recently has added producer to her music credits and is working on several new positive, Reggae projects.

Now at age 28, Minx is ready to take on the world as she is well rated by the worldwide massive.