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The best kept secret in music


Thursday, February 15, 2007
Minx Burlesque

Last week, I had my first ever experience with a burlesque show. I had actually been under the impression that I was going to see The Gourds (that is tonight), but found out just before I left that this was not the case. Still in the mood for a show, I elected to go. I'm so glad I did. While I certainly wouldn't say that the show was suitable for all ages, it was not some kind of seedy strip act (okay, maybe it was a little seedy). It was a vaudville like I've never seen up in person.

The show opened with a punk band called Christian Teenage Runaway, one of the best band names I've heard in some time, who reminded me a lot of the old Riot Grrrl acts like Bikini Kill and Eugene's own Bratmobile. They weren't the greatest band in the world, but they were playing their hearts out and piercing the ears of the audience. One thing I found hilarious was about the drummer, who was very small, played in a bra and hose, and sported a "Thug Life" tattoo on her stomach (unfortunately, I wasn't able to get close enough to her to see if it was real...I sure hope it was). They were a great opening to a great night.

When the actual burlesque act began, I guess I didn't know what to expect, but they came with everything. The emcee, a woman in convincing drag, walked on stage with all the bad jokes one could stand, they had the requisite strip-tease to old dirty blues songs, a tap act, silent movie skits (including the classic girl tied to the railroad tracks bit), a stand up comic, baudy Valentine's Day gift ideas. I really appreciated that the girls were of all shapes and sizes and their performing was dependant upon their talent instead of their looks. Everybody, on stage and off, looked to be having a great time. There's nothing wrong with a little self-exploitation now and again. Fun as unexpected as this doesn't come around too often.

The most interesting question of the night, however, came from a friend of mine I happened to meet there. We had all heard about it fairly suddenly; there was no advertisement, the only way anybody knew it existed was by papering the streets, and very little at that. For only five bucks, to boot. Her question: how is this so far underground and strip clubs are so far above ground?

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Feeling a bit camera shy


Once upon a time, there were Two Little Girls from Little Rock name Vita and Vanity DeVile. These girls had always sensed with some urgency that they were meant to be part of some greater family, and so they went in search of all other long-lost DeViles. Now, our heroines were indeed made mostly of sugar and spice, but spiced rum might be more of their true consistency. Their quest was bold, and they searched every speakeasy and dive in the civilized world to find their familial boon. While in the southern part of France, they met up with Violet, who was escaping her Protestant upbringing. And that's when things began to change.

Violet had known for some time of an mysterious and hermetic doctor of some fame, a certain Doctor Q, whose initial remains an enigma. Granted, his fame was not like that of other great men and he was said to have delved into some dark arts, one of them being Showbiz. And so the family seemed to grow, finding Vamp in a swamp in Transilvania where she had been taken to live for a time with traveling circus performers, but whose beauty and talent with numerous hand-held orbs had spread far across the land.

Veruca was reported to have been the up-and-coming Headmistress at a pretentiously important all-girl's school; she saw the troupe at one of their risque performances and never went back to work. Vulgar shocked the girls with her raunchy sense of humor over a few-too-many vodka tonics, and Vallhalla came aboard after a hurricane. We are unsure of her origins.

A few others have joined along the way: The Sisters, Sister Frederick of Hollywood and Sister Victoria of the Secret Order of the Divine Penetration of Our Virgin of Perpetual Abstinence. Arnie and Jimmy are two bums who wandered aboard during the famine of '99, and seem incapable of returning to an orderly and gentlemanly lifestyle as of yet. There are guests, occasionally, who grace us with their gifts: Mr. John Paul Slavens, a Miss Sarah Alexander, both of whom have played concerts in Grande New Yorke.

Are they sisters? Are they lovers? Are they legal? Decide for yourself at the show.
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