Miobi (Make it or Break it)

Miobi (Make it or Break it)


We are a five peice rock band from the Chicagoland area that enjoys playing for the fans, it's all about dedication, progression, hard work, and the love of music. Our sound is some thing different, will surprise you with the performance.


Our music is quite different, it's not what you would really expect, we are always suprising people with different ideas such as having a gangster rapper come out on stage to fit into one of our songs or playing instrumental for his singles. Our influences can come to anyone from Hollywood Undead, Saosin, Chiodos, Ludacris, The Maine, Saves the Day. We sound pop rock at times then post hardcore then at times mix in between.


We have two songs that are recorded. Just got a new line up and working on new material. We will be in the studio for a couple months now.

Set List

Wolfpack - 5 minutes
Fortune Cookie - 4 minutes
Untitled #1- 5 minutes
Untitled #2 - 4 minutes

We can shorten the set list but we usually play for about 15-25 minutes, it matters how much time we get to play.