Miracle Mountain

Miracle Mountain


A Christian alternative /rock band. Not your typical Christian Band. Loud & Proud to be on Jesus's team


Miracle Mountain is the worship band at Set Free San Diego's 10:30 morning service in El Cajon California. Miracle Mountains message to the world is that there is hope for all of us through the message of Jesus Christ. The core of the band that has been together for years are Pastor Harold Brown, Bobby Hernandez, David Fielstra and Eugene Espinoza. Luke de Leseleuc is the latest addition to the band. The band plays many outreaches during the course of the year. Bobby and Eugene played in a band in yucaipa for 6 years, they parted and they ran into each other at the Set Free Men's Ranch. The rest is history. They got cleaned up, found their Lord and Savior and haven't looked back. God then put Miracle Mountain together.


Waiting For Eternity

Set List

With over 300 songs here is a small sample of a typical set list.
1- Run
2- I Can Only Imagine
3- Paradigm
4- Empty Me
5- Spoken For
6- It Is You
7- My Hope Is In You
8- Angus Dei
9- Psalm 94
10- Cross Roads
11- My Cloud
12- Two Tickets