Miracle Vendor

Miracle Vendor


The Songs - timeless & powerful, catchy yet memorable, lyrically strong and accessable.
The Sound - unique, recognizable lead vocals back by layered guitars & ultra strong rhythm section.


"miracle vendor" is the title of a painting created by an artist friend of singer/songwriter Jack Petras. "He was a tremendous inspiration for me when he was struggling to become known...living in an old warehouse, junk all over the place, and these tremendous, soaring, hauntingly beautiful paintings taking shape. He had this calm about him, this serenity, that one has when on their true path in life. "The courage to acknowledge, embrace, and nourish your dreams is one of the highest and most noble of human attributes. His example was (and continues to be) an important reference point for me." (That painter now fetches five figures per painting)

So where are Petras and Co. now?...On the verge of completing their new release (late Sept/early Oct). They are also about to start radio promotion in advance of the album's completion. "Nothing makes more sense than going to radio at this point." The band could easily find mass appeal with a number of singles on the upcoming album including "Be It All", "Overdue", and "Beneath the Stars". So, the inevitable comparison question...who do you guys sound like?
"We'll let the listeners of the world answer that question". The band has four songs on garageband.com, and mostly they draw comparisons to Collective Soul & Matchbox 20. "Thats fine with me" says Petras "I respect those bands artistically and commercially." Influences? "Probably everything you ever listen to will influence you one way or another. I have been influenced by the Bee Gees to not ever want to sound like them. (even though they wrote successful pop songs) I have been influenced by U2 and Oasis to appreciate spacious, soaring melodies and rich textures and layers in their recordings." "Musically the band is mature enough not to consciously emulate anybody. " says bass player Billy Gewin.