Miradora's Song

Miradora's Song


An original acoustic and rock sound that marries great rhythm guitar and lead guitar, flute, percussion and other sounds to create an influential and touching realm of music yet untapped. Yet the greatest aspect of the music is the lyrics.


Listening to Bob Marley, the Beatles, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Mozart has led me to desire a creation of music that will change the world. My love for humanity runs deep and my passion for music the same. My goal is to develop music to end war and famine and illicit compassion in the listener. I am a 24-year-old college student majoring in English and minoring in Anthropology. I have traveled the world to places such as Ecuador and San Sebastian. My music has been played on various local stations such as KCSB, and Democracy Now! I have performed at concerts including the famed, Tibetan Freedom Concert. I wish to make the music that will save humanity one note at a time, one child at a time.


Such a Tragedy

Written By: Shlomy Kattan

Set the scene a boxing match
All the fans screaming attack
We are fighting all these battles for humanity
In the ring the boxer shouts
"Coach fight for me in this bout, throw the towel in 'cause this other guy he's killing me."
Tenth round comes the boxer falls
Family recieves a call
"Ma'am your husband died we think it's a tragedy."
Women screams into the phone,
"Coach you've left us here alone. Now there's nothing you could say or do to bring him back to us."

And we come together strong
As this bloody war goes on
No one righteous no one wrong
tell me who of us has won
From my head to toes I'm numb
Fathers sacrificing sons
Tell me who of us has won
As this bloody war goes on

In an office far away
Writers listen as generals say
"We are fighting all these battles for humanity."
In the field the soldier prays,
"Daddy come for me today. Raise the white flag 'cause this other guy, he's killing me."
Bullets wiz into the sky
Blood red arms and blood red eyes
Only humans could have written such a tragedy
Now our soldier he's confused
It's his life he's got to lose
And his comrades yell at him,
"Why aren't you here with us."


Where's the shelter
Where's the bomb
Where has everybody gone
Where's the fire that continued burning inside
Tell me Daddy where is John
Lying in his bed undone
All his members are dismembered and he's got no pride
Countless nations soldiers died
Over coffins mothers cried
Father's fighting for the graves...bare their sons inside
All the light bulbs have burned out
From the darkness someone shouts
"Turn your lights on, 'cause your lights might save us."


These Mortal Grounds...

Written By: Leron Kattan

Convict the innocent of crime
And report to the people
They have found
And the people agree
We won't spend a dime
'Cause we don't have time
To take off our moral crown
In these mortal grounds

So the innocent slain
While the guilty stare
With a glare in their eyes
They forget to memorize
All the pain they've inspired
'Cause the truth we don't care
Just give us the man
And feed us the lies
So we can throw him in
In the den of the lion
With guilty moral eyes
We mortalize

So we drive really fast
And we turn on the T.V.
And they feed us the fiction
Through the tubes of the I.V.
I'm poisioned inside
Too much Cyanide
They've framed us again
And we've lost all our friends
I am afraid this is the end...


Album: Miradora (Label: Millennium Productions)
Songs: Such a Tragedy, The Angels You Asked For, These Mortal Grounds, The Conversation Stopped
Album: Final Mystical Saga (Label: Millennium Productions)
Songs: Final Mystical Saga, Empty Inside

Set List

1) These Mortal Grounds
2) The Conversation Stopped
3) Hunger Strike (Temple of the Dog)
4) The Angels You Asked For
5) Final Mystical Saga
6) Something's Wrong With What You Say
7) Knocking on Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan)
8) Empty Inside
9) Lost for Words (Pink Floyd)
10) Such a Tragedy