Miraflores plays playfully epic, charming rock 'n roll. Their live shows are addictive and fun. The band lives in Portland, Oregon. Their "college rock" sound has been compared to; The Modern Lovers, The Smiths, Marshall Crenshaw and R.E.M.


Miraflores is currently recording a new EP. The band's last record "Nobody Knows" was produced by Jim Brunberg (Box Set, Dirty Martini) and mixed by Grammy winner Joe Chiccarelli ( The Shins, Tori Amos, Counting Crows, Elton John, Frank Zappa)
In 2001 the members of the band met and began performing while living in Savannah, Georgia (as a quartet, with cello). There they made quite a splash on the independent Savannah scene with their arty, early compositions.
In 2003 Miraflores left their jobs, dropped out of art school, and moved to Portland, Oregon to pursue the rock'n roll dream. Their cellist was tied to the East Coast by way of the Australian Olympic Team, and could not move westward with the band. This made a huge impact on the musical direction of Miraflores; the stripped down instrumentation shifted their focus to more of a pop-rock sound, but the trio still leaned towards their art-rock habits in some of their more substantial songs.
After settling in their new home, the EP "Bird Of Danger" was recorded in true Portland style; in a basement on an 8-track. Those six songs were unique and vibrant enough to attracted the attention of producer and Mississippi Studios founder Jim Brunberg, who literally said "I want to produce a full-length album with you guys." The resulting album, Nobody Knows, was recorded during the fall of 2005 and mixed that winter by Grammy Winner Joe Chicarrelli at Crossroads Studio in Vancouver, Washington.
The members of Miraflores still hold down their day jobs in Portland and play shows up and down the West Coast. Miraflores thinks that you are pretty cool and would love to hear from you.


Nobody Knows (full length) 2006
Bird Of Danger (EP) 2005

Set List

Big Sexy Secret
Like Birds
Stop Time
Sons & Daughters
New Shoes
Capital Offense
Girls On Bikes
Blood Shot Eyes