Mirage Lanka

Mirage Lanka


Mirage Lanka is folk with aerian waves.
It is the solo project of Mariette (from french bands Eyes behind, Pussy Patrol).
Inspired by Linda Perhacs, she sings folk songs, with her heart, computer, guitar and keyboards.
Her songs deal with her dreams, nights in Paris, and the people she meets.


Mariette has been involved in numerous formations in France, mostly with guitar and singing.

She started playing punk with girl band Pussy Patrol (a riot grrrl band sounding in the likes of Finally Punk), and crossed the path of two chinese girls to form what is her major musical occupation at the moment, Eyes behind (China & Italy tour).

Her solo project consists of songs she composed along a period of 3 years, and recently decided to record them and play them live, to keep a trace, and make these songs evolve.from a girl bedroom to the front of a stage, to see how far it goes.

Mariette eats and lives in Paris. But she loves elsewhere.
Mirage Lanka is the project on the elsewhere, where the grass is greener.
It might be your memories, or your aspirations, it often delt with family members, the relationship with friends, and the multiple sensations of living.

She sings, plays guitar and keyboards, which are layering upon computer sounds and tribal electronic drumbeats.
Her performance is therefore pretty diverse.
Very often, she has a drummer (eyes behind's drummer, Zaza Z.) and a background vocalist (Emilie from Projet Piscine).

The inspirations, that have watched Mirage Lanka grow, are Linda Perhacs, Bill Callahan, Feist, Katie Stelmanis, Fever Ray.


- 1 EP tom come in February 2012