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The best kept secret in music


"Underground Soundz Magazine"

Check it…a female rapper outta the deep regions of the Midwest with a skillful East Coast oriented flow...message oriented and lyrically gritty at the same time. - Review


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


“I’m the anti-nasty nasty girl,” says rap female legend, Miraj. Midwest Entertainment Music Award Winner in the Female Hip-Hop category (2004) and urban industry mogul, Miraj says “I like to talk about all the stuff that today’s hip-hop music is about like sex, hos, pimpin', drugs, whatever, then twist it around to make you think about it in a different way. That’s why I changed my name to Miraj, because that’s what a mirage is like—you think you’re looking at one thing, but when you get right up on it, it's not what it appears to be at all.”

Miraj is no stranger to flipping meanings around. As one of the few female rappers in a male-dominated game, Miraj has worked hard to break the virgin/whore complex that so many male rappers put forth. “You know how it is,” she says, “when they say they want a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets. They don’t leave us any room for everything in between.” Well, Miraj is poised to bridge the gap and represent for all the females that want to be sexy, intelligent and respected all at once.

Miraj’s highly anticipated newest hip-hop release, “Hip-Hop’s Hangover”, along with her upcoming national music video and tour, is sure to bring that full element to life with provocative songs such as “Hip Hop Was (My Boyfriend)” and “The Recipe”. “I wanted to remind hip-hop of why we fell in love and why he’s cheating on us right now,” Miraj says. “Like many femcees, we fell in love with hip-hop when he first existed...out of all the musical styles we grew up with, we gave hip-hop our ‘musical virginity’. But lately, he’s been cheating on us. He’s got us ‘drunk’ on his excesses over the years, and that’s what the CD is about – challenging us to rethink the results of following some of the worst of these messages to their logical conclusion. And with so much a$$ & t!tt!es, pimpin' & ho'in, and forcing female MC’s to push it to more nastier levels just to compete, I just feel like the females have been takin' it with no Vaseline. I want to change that.”

Formerly known as gospel rap artist Lady J, Miraj was too controversial for many of her church fans when she released her second national release, “On Top Of The World”. Although critically acclaimed by Underground Soundz Magazine as being “lyrically gritty and message-oriented”, she had two songs on that release that ruffled too many feathers: a song about a girl getting left by baby daddy and aborting her child, and a story rap about a lesbian with a twist. Then when she created the controversial songs “69” and “Eenie Meenie (Minee Ho)”, well...you can imagine what happened. Even though both songs are very positive, their word play was just too much for the religious audience. “I’ve always wanted to do music that makes people think, and not just simple stuff. I’ve always been cutting-edge with lyrical concepts. For as many people as loved my work in the gospel industry, there just as many that didn’t understand how to stay relevant with a culture that has changed in its concepts and messages.”

Her challenges in the gospel music industry prompted her to seek a different way of approaching her music, so Miraj changed her name and changed her focus. Much like many of the great rappers before her in the industry who have embraced conscious and spiritual messages to benefit the culture such as Common, Ma$e, KRS-One, Talib Kweli, Kanye West and more, Miraj is proud to be viewed with the same respect.

Even her live shows defy the past logic of what a hip-hop show should look like. Her controversial, conscious flows have turned heads for years in over 22 states across the country. Miraj’s shows, complete with live band and Miraj’s musical skills on drums, keys and violin (yes, violin!) make her stand out like no other female rap artist on the scene today. Miraj is well-rounded as a producer, radio personality, VJ, and recording engineer for major rap artists including Bun-B, Devin Tha Dude, Trackstarz, Trae (G.M.A.A.B.) and more. Her nationally-known songwriting and production (Dem Girlz Productions) with her QMG business partner, LuvLuv “GoldenEars”, have been requested by Arista and reviewed by national artists and companies ranging from Donnell Jones, Violator Management and more.

Miraj is ready to sober-up hip-hop’s hangover with a well-needed dose of conscious and controversial entertainment! She says, “I’m ready to be your musical oasis.”
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