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Concert by the river helps Katrina victims
By Reeves Wolfson

Last Tuesday on a pleasantly warm September night, if you were feeling particularly light on your feet, you could have joined the salsa dancers at the eastern end of a New York City pier. But if you wanted to be entertained, enjoy some good rock ‘n roll and support Hurricane Katrina efforts, Pier 63 in Chelsea was the place to be.

That was where artists from across New York’s musical spectrum gathered to donate their time and talents to Good News Broadcast’s Blue Water Community Hurricane Relief Concert . While there are many worthwhile Katrina benefits taking place at large venues with name-brand artists, this event’s intimate setting provided some special moments.

Organized by Good News Broadcast’s (GNB) Paul Sladkas, the lineup featured acts from a capella R&B to acid rock. One of the best highlights of the evening was the performance of an exciting group called Blacksmith.

Blacksmith coins their music “country, rock, inspiration, blues” or “CRIB.” With that many genres to claim you’d think Blacksmith was spreading itself too thin; but they delivered. From Hendrix-inspired guitar blues to Sly Stone rock and soul, onward to Bob Dylan’ folk classic, Blacksmith showed the diversity and musicianship that is lacking in many of today’s artists. And they have a heart, too.

Blacksmith’s bandleader, Al Smith, along with members (Jimmy Sharp, Tom Griffin, George McNamara, Jason Spoor, and Miraj) not only contributed their time, but singer, songwriter Al Smith donated the use of his homelessness anthem “What About You?” to GNB’s fundraising efforts.
- By Reeves Wolfson


Still working on that hot first release.



This ambitious young lady is no stranger to hard work and dedication. It seemed almost predestined for her to be a musician. Miraj hails from Mount Vernon, NY with a Jamaican heritage.

By age 3 she was prolifically writing songs and eventually began performing winning her first big talent competition at the age of 6 performing an original song entitled "Banana" at the Doles Center in Mount Vernon.

Over the years Miraj has not only grown as a versatile trained vocalist, musician and songwriter, she has taken took the time to study the musical and studio engineering aspects of the industry at the accredited Berklee College of Music in Boston. Her upcoming album "Musical Prism" features a compelling collection of original music done on her own as well as in collaboration with fellow producers, writers and guest Artists. Her musical style captures all the best features of the Pop, Dance, Reggae and R&B music genres and blends them together to create a unique and bold new sound. Miraj has performed at various venues in NYC, notably China House with Funkmaster Flex and the Waltz Astoria.

Make no mistake; this groundbreaking new Artist, with her smart, sassy, yet seductive aura, creates that passionate and hypnotic atmosphere that her name suggest. This empress of style is definitely a pioneer in the industry. Her musical presence is certain to captivate all who dwell in the mist of her melody.