BandHip HopSpoken Word

A mix of Southern and Experimental hip-hop and poetry without the cliche lyrics and topics


I started out by reciting Spoken Word over differents types of beats and styles, from bass (Kilo, 69 Boys) to East-Coast (Wu-Tang, Rakim)...Soon began rapping in numerous groups before deciding to go solo...Not wanting to be a typical "southern" artists, I stopped listening to local radio a while, and listened to distinct artists, like Outkast, Goodie Mob, Mos Def and MF DOOM until I churned out my own style, where although myaccent is Southern no one can say I sound like any other Southern artists, or any artist for that matter


Released poetry book, Etched In Stone, in 2005, and currently working Spoken Word CD of the same name, as well as rap CD, The ATL Lesson.

Set List

I usually perform at open mics, but have done 4 and 5 song sets before, mainly with a lot of Spoken Word or the songs N.U., Sleepwalking, and We Cool. I try to do at least one new song or poem every time out.