Mira Mira

Mira Mira


Mira Mira is piano-driven indie chamber-pop from Chicago. "Music for the New Sincerity... these are musicians who wear lopsided red construction-paper hearts pinned to both sleeves" -Suitcase Publishing.com


Coming from a conservatory background can be dangerous in the world of pop music, but "post-classical" pianist Charlie Williams doesn't so much hide his training as render it transparent; writing songs that draw on fancy footwork when necessary, but leaving musical space often enough that one doesn't get the sense of being at a recital.

"It's pop music for thoughtful people, especially if you happen to be pondering false-start romances, endless nights, hopeful dawns, and arty musical pretensions. This is music for the New Sincerity, these are musicians (all apparently highly trained multi-instrumentalists) who wear lopsided red construction paper hearts pinned to both sleeves." —Suitcasepublishing.com




Written By: Charlie Williams

You said
enough I heard
your lips say

we were one
I thought

* * *

nothin' else

you all in

Midnight for You

Written By: Charlie Williams

"do not be afraid", she said
i never had that special gift
"never you surrender" i read somewhere
it was a hard thing to resist

no stranger to disorder
she'd rather die than live like this
always blind to those about her
it take a hard heart to exist

your independence, your empty laugh
always holding out for somethin' else
where you pretend to lock your doors at night
and call up strangers on the phone

you escaped to california
one day out of the blue
I'll watch the sun set while you're talking
it's almost midnight (for you)

you stand there still, distant & frozen
no strength to heal our broken past
you're sayin' what we had was worth holdin' on to
but we'd better live and let it pass

well, you can keep on makin' up your own story for this
hope you're gettin' used to being alone
you can act like you've got someplace else to go
that's half as good as stayin' at home

you escaped to california
one day out of the blue
though the distance keeps us talking
it's almost midnight for you


Midnight for You (LP)

Set List

Stalking Olivia
Everything is Happening
Less Than You Think (Wilco)
Midnight for You