El Paso, Texas, USA

MiRANDA BURNiNG is made up of four musicians who are trying to bring real rock music back to the popular music scene, using a whole lot of volume. These individuals are fans of music, not pop, and they are not afraid to stand out in a scene of mindless regurgitations.


Left of mainstream and yet right on the pulse of popular rock music today, MiRANDA BURNiNG takes listeners on a journey of pure, unadulterated, high energy in-your-face rock. Their unforgettable melodies, face-melting guitar riffs, swaggering bass lines, and frame rattling drums undeniably make this band one of the most passionate and energetic rock groups in the scene today. Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of popular groups and artists from a span of over 40 years, MiRANDA BURNiNG has a collection of original songs that have caught the attention and appreciation of countless fans, young and old, in the southwest region of the U.S. and on the World Wide Web.

After finding minimal success in other bands and having paid their dues on the road and at home in the ever-changing and always tumultuous music scene, Jecoa, Rob, Val, and Mike came together by chance in their hometown of El Paso, TX after a local concert. Jecoa and Val had been friends since their time together in Clever, a band out of Austin, TX, back at the start of the decade. Longtime friends Rob and Mike had just recently recovered from the split of their Van’s Warped Tour ’05 band Zero Syndrome. It only took one night in April 2008 for the four seasoned musicians to realize that they were all headed in the same direction - to create a rock super group that appeals to a mass audience - fans of classic rock, hard rock, pop rock, and more.

Since then, MiRANDA BURNiNG has rocked the Kevin Says Stage at the Van's Warped Tour in 2009, the Home Plate Stage at El Paso's KLAQ annual Locofest, and countless bars and venues in the desert southwest. The band will always and has always fearlessly pursued their mission - to make music with substance, lyrics with meaning, and performances with passion - having seen it all, done it all, and having been to hell and back all in the name of love….their love for music.


MiRANDA BURNiNG - self titled ep available online at www.mirandaburning.com