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Miranda Gil

Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE

Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Pop R&B




"Nuevo Talento Tejano Miranda Gil"

americana de Austin Texas que descubrió su talento y su amor por la música a la edad de nueve años, cuando imitaba a algunas de sus artistas favoritas como Whitney Houston, Etta James y Donna Summer.

La joven oriunda de la capital de la música se dio a conocer con su sencillo “Take it or Leave it”, el cual ha tenido buena aceptación y le ha abierto nuevos caminos, por lo que se dispuso a hacer una gira por la zona central de Texas.
Con tan solo dieciocho años de edad, Miranda se dispone a emprender su camino hacia una carrera que aparenta ser muy prometedora. Por el momento se encuentra preparando su material discográfico que saldrá a la venta en el 2013.

Sigue muy de cerca a esta chica por que pronto podría convertirse en una de las favoritas en el mundo de la música Pop.
Aquí te presentamos el video clip de “Take it or leave it” de Miranda Gil - Blastro2

"2012 Austin Music Awards"

Best U-18


2) Residual Kid
3) AfterMath
4) Casino
5) Carson Brock
6) Ruby Jane
7) Peterson Brothers Band
8) Miranda Gil
9) Lucky Number Seven
10) 24/7 - Austin Chronicle

"Houston Fashion EXPO Kick Off Party 2011"

Houston Fashion EXPO Kick Off Party 2011

It is Fashion week and Houston has really made a stamp on the Fashion world. When most people think Fashion Shows and high Fashion many people on the everyday street would be thinking New York, California, Paris or Italy. But Houston definitely can stand in, and not just one of the Hottest cities in the world by the Southern Texas heat, but now as one of the Hottest cities in the Fashion Industry.

Majorca Bistro and Tapas teamed with Women’s Fund of Health Education and Research to throw yet another fashion show after the Audi Fashion Show.

On October 13, 2011, they started with a free RSVP kick off Party to show a snippet of what to expect in the days to come.I was invited to come and check out the kick off party and take a few photos of this start up event. So, my wife and I grabbed my photo equipment and we headed out to the event. Once we arrived, there was plenty of people sitting at tables and enjoying the food of Majorca Bistro and Tapas. And also a stage set up for a band, who would be playing later in the evening.

Then the models began to move around to showcase the clothing of the featured designers at the startup event.

A designated PA began to capture the attention of those who were dining in and those supporting the event to the stage where the action was to take place. On stage they were able to see the clothing and models who would be walking in the following days. There was plenty of flashes from pro-event photographers and intrigued on-lookers wanting to capture each model showcasing some very unique designs.

When the event was finished the people were entertained by some great performances by a young star, Miranda Gil, and a band, The White Flags.

Overall, it was a nice kick off event that showcased some nice models, nice designs to come, some good food and some good musical talent.

Look forward to the next write up the first day of the fashion show at Majorca Bistro and Tapas.

You can view more photos on Facebook.com/Mixtiomedia or on Flickr.

Special Thanks to Sandy of Ash Couture for directing me to the show and bringing me to showcase my photography talent.
See more of Ash Couture designs and clothing on the website Ash Couture.com or find them on Facebook at Facebook.com/AshCoutureBoutique.

Also hear the music of Miranda Gil on her Facebook page: CLICK HERE TO GO TO HER FACEBOOK PAGE.
And to hear the music of The White Flags, visit their Facebook page: CLICK HERE TO GO TO THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE. - Mixtio Media Blog Site

"Miranda Gil: “Take It Or Leave It”"

Miranda Gil is a breath of fresh air in the Austin music scene that is usually dominated by full live bands and country music acts. With a young, fresh look and danceable sound, she is on her way to making her mark on the pop music scene.

Her current EP, Take It or Leave It, features super-catchy beats by “The Action Figures” production team and takes you from the dance floor to the acoustic coffee lounge and back full-circle again, all the while delivering catchy hooks and melodies that sit well with Miranda as a young female pop act. I make that point because nothing irks me more than a music artist with songs that you can tell do not “fit” their character. Thankfully, that is not the case with Miranda.

Miranda’s EP definitely proves that she has the talent (and team) to make moves in this crazy music industry. It undoubtedly does an excellent job of showing off her skills as an artist that can hold her own in more than one type of track, which as we all know, is essential to have longevity as a pop diva.

Key Tracks:
“Take It or Leave It”
“Give Me a Chance” - The Yay or Nay

"Uniquely You Girl - Miranda Gil"

Quinceanera Miranda Gil - "Uniquely You" Interview
Tuesday, 27 October 2009 09:50 by Ana
Quinceañera Miranda Gil Singing
Miranda Gil's 'Uniquely You' interview is the first in a series of interview summaries with REAL quince girls just like YOU!

We hope these blog posts help quince girls and their families find comfort in hearing and learning about other quinceaneras from around the United States. Let us know what info you find helpful!

Miranda Gil's Quinceañera
Name: Miranda Gil
City/State: Austin, Texas
Quince Location: Church and Reception Hall
Theme: Roses
Colors: Red, Black, White (Near Valentine's Day)

Miranda Gil is a sweetheart for sure, so it is no wonder she chose to have a beautiful rose themed quince. This up-and-coming Austin, Texas star transformed her tight budget into a beautiful ceremony with the help of her family and friends.

Check out the neat ways Miranda used the Uniquely Quince catalog as an inspiration for her "sweet" quince...

Quinceañera Traditions:
Court (Quinceañera, 24 couples + 5 younger princess and prince)
Tiara (from her 1st communion)
Last Doll
Presentation of roses to Virgin Mary on altar
Miranda Gil's Quinceañera Court
Quinceañera Invitations
The family came together to assemble 350 custom made invitations. These "scrapbook style" invitations turned out beautifully and matched perfectly with the rose theme and red/black color scheme!

Quinceañera Decorations
The Gil's were on a tight budget and did a lot of homemade decorations. Their centerpieces were glass vases with REAL goldfish and floating rose petals and candles. Posters of Miranda were also hung throughout the venue for an added touch of personality.
Quinceañera Dance
For the big event, Miranda hired family friend and choreographer, Joe River, to create a beautiful waltz. Because there was such a huge court (24 couples), Miranda put together a newsletter that included expectations of her court along with dance practice dates and times. What a great way to keep everyone organized! To accommodate the large court, they rehearsed the dances in Miranda's cul-de-sac.

The dance is featured in this video summary of Miranda's Gil's quince experience.

Quinceañera Songs
Miranda chose to perform two songs at her quince. One of which she dedicated to her parents as a way of thanking them for all they've done. Miranda has always had a passion for singing, one that at home hobby when she was little and has transformed into an artistic passion as an up and coming artist well known in the Austin, Texas area. She hopes that one day she'll be able to make a career out of singing; her dream is to sign with a record label.
Quinceañera Favors
A talented artist friend designed an “Ed Hardy" style t-shirt that was given to the court as a gift of thanks. Many people in her court are still rockin' these awesome t-shirts today!
What was your most memorable moment?
“There was a point where I just stopped walking around and saying hello to everyone and just stood in middle of room and glanced around. It brought tears to my eyes to know that these people came to my quince, to congratulate and celebrate with me.

I was extremely touched that so many people cared about me and will support me in whatever I do.”

- Miranda Gil
- UniquelyQiunce.com


June 2011 - Take It or Leave It EP

TBA 2012 - Y.G.F.W. (First single of debut album "My Turn")

TBA 2013 - My Turn (Debut Album)



Miranda Gil is an 18-year-old Mexican/American singer and songwriter based in the Music Capital of the World, Austin, TX. Miranda discovered her gift of song at the tender age of nine through imitation of her idols Whitney Houston, Etta James and Donna Summer in their soulful ballads. Around the same time, the Tejano singer Selena was gaining worldwide attention as a crossover Mexican/American artist breaking into mainstream music. Unfortunately, Selena’s life and fruitful career was cut short but the path she had begun to pave for Latinos in America opened up an avenue for other artists to follow. Seeing this, Miranda decided to follow her dreams and fine-tune her God-given talent of song. She began to work with regional vocal trainers including West Coast R&B/Blues veteran, LZ Love. LZ took Miranda under her wing and became her mentor, enriching Miranda with a sound much older and richer than ever before. This was a major turning point in Miranda’s life; with her new unearthing of such a powerful and soulful voice she began recording her own music and created her debut EP, Take It or Leave It produced by The Action Figures and co-written by Brandon “Gutta” Williams. Along with her newly released EP, Miranda embarked on a live tour across Central Texas. During this time, Miranda was introduced to local legend and musical engineering prodigy, Shawn Dell. Their creative personas and hardworking attitudes were an instant match, they shared the same vision of mainstream success through music the world over could relate to. Together they have released several local hit records and are working on Miranda’s debut album, My Turn, set to release in 2013. For Miranda Gil, this is only the beginning of an eminent career in the music industry. Join her in her voyage from hidden gem to worldwide sensation as she brings joy to the world through each and every one of her songs.