Miranda Mitchell

Miranda Mitchell


Instrumentally, my music tends to be fairly simple. While I'm continuing to grow in that area, I think that the strongest aspect of my songs is actually the lyrics. I write purely and straightforwardly from my heart, and it is my hope that others are able to relate to the honesty I try to convey.


I began writing music while in high school, but I sort of allowed other aspects of my life to slip in and take the time that I had originally been devoting to songwriting. It wasn't until I reached a really difficult time in my life a few years later that I rediscovered this amazing outlet--my true passion--once more, and I really feel that music has been my salvation in many ways. It has been so cathartic to be able to say through my songs what would otherwise be left unspoken.

At 21, it's only been about 7 months since returning from my "hiatus". I have been incredibly productive in the time since then, however, and I'm finally feeling as though I'm growing, not only as an artist, as an individual, as well.


Lullaby (For a Lover Lost)

Written By: Miranda Mitchell

Nothing but the sweetest dreams for my baby
As he's drifting off to sleep.
Nothing to disturb my precious baby...
Least of all, thoughts of me.

As he's nestled in the arms of somebody else, I know
As the bearer of the hands that first helped him grow,
That he'll never find someone to hold him as closely
As me.

I wish that I could see your dreams, sweet baby.
The images before your eyes.
Are there any memories left of me, baby,
In the corners of your mind?

When you're safely in the arms of somebody else, do you say
To yourself, “God I wonder if she's doing the same?
Has she moved on? Is she okay...
Without me?”

Here is a secret for you, Baby.
Perhaps the last I'll ever share.
I'll pour my heart into this, but maybe
You'll turn your back and not even care...

But when I'm wrapped up in the arms of somebody else, I fear
That I'll always be searching for what we lost last year..
That I'll always be thinking I wish he was here...
With me.