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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



Here’s an interesting Cleveland band. Miranda’s Moon walk the line between punk and indie rock. While the band maintains a distinct identity throughout the nine tracks on this self titled CD, each song has a slightly different flavor. Overall the band mixes sixties psyche with seventies punk and new wave, but each song has a distinctive flavor. “Saturn V” is kind of like a punked out Syd Barrett. “You Promised” has a Dinosaur Jr. crossed with The Meat Puppets vibe. “14 Billion Light Years” is a rocking instrumental that sounds like a post punk stab at sixties surf/spy music, while “Neo Gibson Girl” reminds me of early Flaming Lips. It could sound like a bunch of guys just riffing on their influences, but the distinctive vocals, guitar sound, and quirky lyrics make sure that no matter what style this band is playing with, the songs still sound like the same band is playing them. The production is a bit lo-fi, but well mixed. While I don’t mind that, I can’t help but wonder what these songs would sound like with a recording budget and a good producer who wouldn’t try to make them sound too slick. The only song on here that I didn’t care for was “Cupcake”, which I found too self consciously cutesy. Otherwise, a very solid release. - Bob Ignizio


Miranda's Moon - self titled
Miranda's Moon - 2003 Demo

New album in progress


Feeling a bit camera shy


Forming in 2000, the four-piece band has been able to gig steadily, and despite several personnel changes and rapidly evolving songwriting, attract a close-knit and growing group of loyal followers.

The sound of the band is steadily moving away from guitar driven rock by incorporating new instrumentation, such as horns and electronic sounds, as well as a richer harmonic vocabulary. The music has morphed from its early garage-like appearance to spacey, fluid, classically based rock & pop.

Our quirky rock sound is expressed through a host of different influences, such as: Ween, Beck, the eels, Cake, The Beach Boys, and The Flaming Lips. We've been striving to collect genres on our own as well. Some newer songs came forth from investigating purely electronic sound, latin dance music, and many classical elements.

With so many influences, Miranda’s Moon is now an eclectic collection of genres, and refuses to be pinned down to a certain style. The music, for a large part, is classically inspired, due to the background of the individual musicians, and somewhat schizophrenic in nature, resulting in radical changes in tempo and attitude often within the same song, though always heartfelt and inspired. It is this diverse genre-bending that has been a favorite for the band’s small but growing fan base.