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"Review - Miranda Vettrus – Book Of Lies EP"

Miranda Vettrus – Book Of Lies EP
2008, Wavelength

Salem, Oregon’s Miranda Vettrus has a unique pop sensibility that comes from years of hard work at song craft and natural talent. She has a voice that rivals some of the best in the music business, and she’s all of fourteen years old. Growing up in an amusement park, Vettrus has learned to live without fear; without barriers. No one’s ever told Vettrus she shouldn’t be able to do the things she does, and therefore its never occurred to her how truly unique she is. Her debut, the Book Of Lies EP was released in November 2008. It’s the first volley from an artist who has a lot to say. You don’t want to miss this one.

Miranda Vettrus sounds like what Avril Lavigne was supposed to be; someone who eschews the pop world’s wants and gimmees and writes for herself. Book Of Lies EP is three songs of edgy pop-rock that pays no heed to the bubblegum style that pervades the Disney set. Vettrus shows musical backbone and grit, plus a talent for writing songs that seems to far exceed her fourteen years on Earth. Book Of Lies is an amazingly mature shove-off song that calls out a love interest for the mix of dishonesty and neediness that is a recipe for dysfunction. I Know Better displays the sort of perspective and maturity that most of us don't acquire until somewhere around age 30 (give or take) when the opportunity of youth hedges in the face of advancing time and the promise of security. Fairytale is the best song of the set. It is a real world look from a surprisingly even-minded soul who has already put aside youthful things and is looking for the real thing, romantically.

Miranda Vettrus is mature beyond her years; she displays the pop-centric songwriting ability to convey ideas to a great many people, and the maturity and lyrical incisiveness to make sure those ideas hit home. While I fully applaud the talent and presence of this young star-to-be (and she is), a part of me also mourns the loss of innocence and youth so young. Vettrus represents both the brightest and darkest aspects of the progression of society in an incredibly talented and vibrant package. Book Of Lies should be the start of a very long and successful career for Miranda Vettrus.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5) - Wildy's World

"Miranda Vettrus - Book of Lies EP"

Miranda Vettrus has just released her debut EP Book of Lies . What makes her interesting you ask? Very good question my friend.

A native of Oregon, Vettrus is a mere 14 years-old...and she grew up in an amusement park owned by her family. How cool is that?

All kidding aside, one doesn't really expect much from an EP by a 14 year old. But Vettrus surprises.

Her songs are more mature and polished than most artists twice her age. Some of that may be the guiding influence of Black Francis producer Jason Carter.

The opener, the title track "Book of Lies", booms with Vettrus' voice. It's far deeper and more powerful than one would anticipate coming from someone so innocent looking. The track is a loose power pop number performed with a Liz Phair-like sense of defiance.

"I Know Better" sees Vettrus add some twang to the equation. The pots and pans sound of the drums adds a unique atmosphere to the song.

The misstep on the EP is the closer "Fairytale". There is an undeniably strong hook here, but the overall sound is a little too much like something you'd hear on a commercial "alternative" rock station for my comfort. But there's plenty of potential in the song for it to be reworked into something special for a full length.

If you asked me to sum up Miranda Vettrus in a couple of words I'd have to say: surprise and potential.

Best track: "I Know Better" - Snob's Music


Book of Lies - EP
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Miranda Vettrus grew up in an amusement park, makes horror movies with her younger sister, Mariah and writes Go Go's inspired songs at 3 in the morning. By the age of 5, Miranda had already jumped off a 100 foot crane thrill-ride dubbed the Sky-coaster dozens of times. She's written dozens of songs and continues to grow her catalog by the day.

Miranda Vettrus grew up in an amusement park, makes horror movies with her younger sister, Mariah and writes Go Go's inspired songs at 3 in the morning. By the age of 5, Miranda had already jumped off a 100 foot crane thrill-ride dubbed the Sky-coaster dozens of times. She's written dozens of songs and continues to grow her catalog by the day.
Her spark for singing was ignited at the mature age of three, when she was brought up on stage at church to sing with her mother. She never looked back, and for the next six years, sang and played piano at church, performed at fairs and festivals included her family's amusement park, and sang with the Willamette Girlchoir, an all-girl choir based in Salem, Oregon. “I first saw Miranda perform with the Girlchoir, and I was blown away by the pipes on this little girl,” said music producer Jason Carter. “She stood out like a shining star.”

Two years later, Carter saw her performing solo at a Salem festival, and asked her parents if they’d like to bring her into the studio. The minute she stepped into the vocal booth, Miranda said, “I felt right at home." The two started production on her first demo.

“I was nine years old when I decided I wanted to be a singer,” said Miranda. She plays the piano and guitar, and writes most of her own songs. “In the middle of the day, I’ll get an idea…I'll just set everything aside and start writing (which has got me into trouble at school a few times!)” she added. “Pretty soon, my scribbled out ideas turn into a song”.

Her music inspiration comes partly from her mom, church and from her father’s record collection, which includes everything from rock bands like Boston, Blondie and Pink Floyd to country artists like The Oak Ridge Boys and Johnny Cash. "She'll grab a record, lock herself in her room, and learn it note-for-note on her guitar," said her dad, Tom Vettrus.

Currently, Miranda leads the music team at her church in Salem. She continues to perform live both solo and with a band. Performance highlights from the past two years include performing for thousands of screaming teenagers on the main stage at the Seaside Music Festival in Norway, opening up for country star Billy Dean in Albany, Oregon to a crowd of over 5000, performing for Oliver North, singing the National Anthem opening for Sara Evans, and making a special guest vocal appearance with Gospel Hall of Famer, Larry Norman. In July of 2006, Miranda won first place in the country music category at the USA World Showcase in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Her other interests include catching salamanders, playing basketball, and hanging out with her pet goats. “My guitar’s become my prized possession, then my Mac laptop,” Says Miranda. “I love singing and performing. I hope to be doing this for a long time!"