Miranda Wageman

Miranda Wageman


Cuarteto Farol plays Latin music, including Argentinian Tango, Argentinian folklore, Cuban, and Brazilian.


The band started as a quintet about 4 years ago, changed to a quartet and is now back to 5 members. Originally the band solely focussed on Argentinian Tango, but is now expanding and experimenting with other styles of Latin American music. We are influenced by Argentinian Tango as well as folkloric music, partly due to Mingo and Abe being Argentinian as well. The whole band has a deep interest and love for Latin American music, which is reflected in the majority of members having played similar styles with other bands. Nearly everybody has visited South America numerous times, and everybody can speak Spanish (which is handy as Mingo doesn't speak English).

The song listed on this EPK is written by Miranda, who is currently taking jazz improvisation lessons with Barry Bruce, a well known jazz pianist in Perth, Western Australia. It is performed with Abe on the guitar, Stew on the bass, and Miranda playing the violin/singing.


BB's Blues

Written By: Miranda Wageman

When I woke up this morning
I heard a God awful scream
So I opened up my door
To see what it could have been
I saw my BB standing there
He said he had a bad dream.

He said oh baby oh my baby
I dreamt there was another boy
You didn't love me no more
You said you had a new toy
It was only early dawn
and I was left all by myself to mourn.

I said oh BB, BB, BB, BB
Trust me BB, believe me BB
I thought you'd be glad
Yes, you now have another friend
There's no need for you to be so sad
So stop being in such a strife
'Cause there's only one BB in my life.

Yes you're my lovely
And you're my fluffy
You give me headbutts nearly every day (oh yes you do)
I can't believe you don't know
How much I love you
And that you're here to stay
So stop our boy's abuse
There really is no need for BB's blues.

Pack your Bags Blues

Written By: Miranda Wageman

I got home at early dawn
To find my clothes all out on the lawn
My baby stood there with a frown
And said “Honey, you’re not going to live this one down”
I was still thinking of a plan
When he hit me with the frying pan

I said "baby I did wrong, yes I know
But please don’t make me go
The other guy was a mistake
Let’s try once more, for heaven’s sake"
But in response he threw my shoes
Which is why I’m singing the Pack Your Bags Blues

But baby don’t you know, you’re just the same
I really don’t understand why I get all the blame
Your 15 women to my 1 man
Honey, I should be hitting you with the frying pan

If you had treated me right
We would’ve never had this fight
I know I ain’t no queen
But baby, you’re the meanest man I’ve ever seen
So I’ll grab my stuff off the lawn
And by tomorrow I’ll be gone.


Streetlamp Tango (2004)
This was our first CD, which received airtime on radio stations both in Australia and in Argentina.

Since then, we have made a number of demo CDs for promotional purposes.

Set List

This depends on the type of gig. For longer gigs we will play a full repertoire of tangos, zambas, chacareras, cuban, etc. Some gigs only want tango, other gigs want tango but with dancers as well. Wedding gigs often want some easy listening jazz which we perform as a trio with guitar/bass/violin.