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The best kept secret in music


"Mira Veda"

It is an unlikely surprise! Mira Veda’s debut album, Infinite Love, catches you unawares, for all you are expecting some sort of a fusion album. Instead you experience a powerful blend of soul, R&B and very sultry singing. Mira, born in Pune and raised in Calgary, Canada is one of the new breed of women singers of South Asian origin who are making waves in the world of music. She made her debut on Deepak Chopra’s Gift of Love album, and since then has impressed many a few including Zakhm, an up-and-coming DJ/turntablist from New York. On the more bizzare front, she just might be the only South Asian musician to have performed at Michael Jackson’s Never Never Land. What is surprising is that she came to the US only “about 3 years ago.” Here are excerpts from a recent interview… - GIGAOM Magazine

"Smooth like chocolate"

You can say her voice is as smooth as chocolate, perhaps even sweeter! Mira Veda takes us on a journey of love, with her CD "Infinite Love." She has collaborated with producer Chin Injeti, and former Grammy president Larry Batiste. The sultry voice is very seductive, and her unique sound will create a fanbase all her own for years to come.

Peta Cooper: Which song on "Infinite Love" speaks about the love in your life?
Mira Veda: Well, I think all of the songs reflect a state of mind I was in. I know I can relate to some songs better because they are specific to a situation or a person. But I can't tell you what and who!

PC: Come on Mira, I won't tell... just whisper the name in my ear.
MV: (shakes head) Next Question!

PC: Okay, Okay... Is there a track on your CD you think everyone (men and women) can relate to?
MV: Yes, I think that "I thought you were loving me too" speaks to everyone. It's such a deep song about vulnerability, longing, pain and the loneliness of separation. I know we have all felt those things at some point of our lives. I would have to say there is a universal message in that song.

PC: What makes your songs unique from the rest of the love songs out there?
MV: I can only say what I know. And I know that everyone can build a connection with one idea or another. So my songs are about love in all its glory and pain. They speak from so many different levels the music is definitely different. There is not anything like it out there!

PC: Working with Lisa Bonet, were you a fan of the Cosby show growing up? What was it like working with her?
MV: You know we did the tracks separately so we were not in the studio together. But I hear she is nice. I did watch the Cosby show, but I have had more of a kick meeting Michael Jackson than anyone else!

PC: Musically speaking, what would you like to experiment with next?
MV: I want to add more ethnicity to everything I am doing. I have some ideas brewing in my mind but I need to find the right people, which often takes some time. I know whatever I create next will be a growth process for me as an artist. I am at a stage where I am really just pushing myself to express what I want to say with distinct clarity and passion. It's all just a process, but I know that I want to do a little more Jazz maybe.

PC: Are you planning to take "Infinite Love" on tour?
MV: Yes! I am definitely planning a tour. Right now my band is just waiting for me to stop traveling and get back to practicing with them. Which I will do by mid November. I just keep getting all these studio gigs that I have no time to do what I need to do. Ah! But everything has its timing right?

PC: What type of genre songs would you like to put out on your next CD?
MV: I would say its Neosoul. An urban funk you know... its sexy... smooth like chocolate.

PC: If you could pick any singer you admire, who would you like to do a duet with?
MV: It would have to be Sade. I think she is the ultimate artist. She is so classy and has a way about her that is truly beautiful.

PC: Would it be premature to call you a Diva? (winks)
MV: Well, my family and friends say everything I do is diva-esqe. (Laughs) But much has to be seen!

PC: What would you like to say to the DesiClub.com readers?
MV: I would say that I would love the support of everyone. We have worked our butts off getting this album to compete with the serious works out there and I really want everyone to go online and get a copy. You can pick it up at Amazon, CD baby or my own website www.mirasmusic.com. And remember, I need your support! So don't burn any damn copies! Lastly I want to say I love you all and hope to see you as I go on tour!

Visit Mira's website: mirasmusic.com
- Desiclub

"Exceptional Album Infinite Love"

It’s taken nearly two years to complete her debut album, but with the release of ‘Infinite Love’, Mira Veda will find it hard to shake off comparisons to the likes of Alecia Keys, Sade, and Norah Jones.

You can easily call her album ‘fusion’ the term is nearly always associated to anything an Asian does in the mainstream market’ but to label it anything but ‘sublime’ would indeed be criminal. Smooth and relaxing grooves draped over the velvety back-drops provide a satisfying sound highlighted by Veda’s luxurious crystalline dulcet tones. A mix of mysterious and gentle musical atmospheres and a juicy twist of Ango-Indian beats add further importance to this 12-tracker. This is one of the most important Indian-made albums of our generation and it’s an exceptional listening experience.
- Cineblitz Magazine Worldwide


"Infinite Love" Mira Veda, Veda Records Inc. San Francisco

"Bhangra Phenomena" Kenz Desai and Desai

"Lay your Body down" Kool and the Gang.

"Gift of Love II" Deepak Chopra and Friends.

"Drive my Baby Home" Mira, Cynthia Jackson for Me Uno Productions


Feeling a bit camera shy


She is, quite simply, the most sensual new import crossing this side of the world.

As a singer she created a style that uniquely expresses what she calls ‘indo funk –soul”. The passion to create has lead to her debut album titled “Infinite Love”. Working with Juno award winning producer/arranger/composer Chin Injeti she spent months in her home of Canada pushing to create a distinct presentation of unbridled emotion and creative mastery.

In Oakland she worked with singer/composer/songwriter Larry Batiste, a veteran who can count his winnings with celebrated collaborators like Kenny G, Whitney Houston, Whoopi Goldberg(play), Shanice, just to name a few. Larry is also known as the president of NARAS, San Francisco Chapter.

The kinetic energy of “Tell Me”, her first release from her album is seeping into the hearts and minds of listeners around the world. In heavy rotation on XM satellite radio and various BBC stations across Europe, Mira is reaching millions beyond US borders. The success of “Tell Me” is only a glimpse of what she will do in the future.

Musically, Mira’s talents range from the ambitious urban sounds of ‘indo-funk soul’ to the chilling impressions of Indian rags. She has thrilled such appreciators of Music like Deepak Chopra who championed her by adding her to his spoken word album, titled “Gift of love II, A Valentine to Tagore” Mira sings in Gurmuki, an old language derived from Sanskrit with celebrity Lisa Bonet. Mira has also contributed her sensual vocals to Kool and the Gang and Bally Sagoo's producer Kenz Desai for a fusion Bhangra track that was released in Winter 2004.

Mira’s achievements are unparalleled in her ability to sing various styles of music. She is probably one of the most dynamic vocalists with a haunting voice that is sure to leave an indelible imprint in pop culture and the world of Indian music.

Currently Mira spends most of her time performing and touring in Europe as well as writing songs for her next album.