Mira Veda

Mira Veda


The music has a smooth sultry, honey-soaked melodic vibe. It’s about the sensuality of interaction and the honesty in human connection. It's a sound you can relax and unwind to; when it comes down to it, the music has a seductive temperance.


Mira Veda, the First Lady of Indian Soul, is an internationally known recording artist, activist, and songwriter. Her fearless creative vision has won her respect in the music community, reflected when she was elected to the NARAS board of governors (the GRAMMYs) in 2007.

Her debut album Infinite Love took nearly two years to complete and is just the beginning of Mira’s exploration as an artist. As an uncompromising member of the musical avant guarde, she has written music that mirrors us, music which inevitably unites those who experience it. “Infinite Love is about love, longing, pain, shame, and everything that you and I experience. The music is about bringing your heart closer to mine. Making us one. No color lines, no race, no religion. Just the music,” Mira says. Songs like “Love Yourself” and “Stolen” investigate the dynamic relationship between the self and others. The album succeeds at what Mira does best: examining the self, the soul and the heart.

This passionate and critically acclaimed album received a nomination for Best International Artist at the UK Asian Music Awards. It also led to stellar opportunities including a performance for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as well as a private benefit for Michael Jackson at The Neverland Ranch. Creative collaborations with Deepak Chopra, Larry Batiste and Kool and the Gang can also be added to Mira’s credits.

Mira has devoted significant time and energy to representing independent musicians. Understanding the privilege and voice she has with her seat on the board of the Recording Academy, she founded a committee whose sole purpose is to identify and fill the needs of the indie music community. She also is active in the South Asian community. In May, she was a presenter for Sony Entertainment Television’s annual South Asian Excellence Awards. Mira works to express herself intellectually as a writer, poet and activist. Her interest in integrating into all aspects of society, including politics, has lead her to blog on the Huffington Post and participate in ways that help further the status of South Asians, a community she feels is underrepresented.

The next milestone of her career is the upcoming release of her second album late fall of 2008. Mira’s artistic journey moves her to a fresh fusion of sounds combining the R&B soul vibe of her first album with a more Indian essence. “I’m going to explore that ethnic side of my voice,” Mira says. For this new exploration, the singer has been collaborating with producer/composer/songwriter Karsh Kale (Six Degrees Records) and Gaurav Raina of MIDIval PunditZ who was featured on the soundtrack of Monsoon Wedding. She is also working with producer and songwriter Paula Gallitano who has collaborated with Tina Turner and Lalah Hathaway. More photos and information about Mira are available at www.mirasmusic.com.



Infinite Love
Mira Veda, Veda Records Inc.
San Francisco

Gift of Love II
Deepak Chopra and Friends, feat.
Mira Veda & Lisa Bonet


"Bhangra Phenonemon"
Kenz Desai feat.
Bohemia & Mira Veda

"Lay your body down"
Kool and the Gang Featuring
Mira Veda

"Drive my Baby Home"
Mira Veda, Cynthia Jackson
for Me Uno Productions