Miray Kavadarli

Miray Kavadarli


As I travel in different stages of life and experience different emotions, I usually find my self composing in front of my piano. Most of my songs turn out to be pop-alternative in style.

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Just A Day

Written By: Miray Kavadarli

I'm washing the apples that I bought
As Im thinking about the title of that song
My phone hasnt rang for a while
I miss you when I dont talk to you for long
I wanna tell you I wanna buy a puppy
I need a friend to wait for me when Im gone
I wanna tell you I love you once more
As I fix myself dinner and get bored

Its a day
Its just a day
With I cans and I shoulds and I mays
Its a day
One of my days
With smiles and tears and lots to say

Im adding some salt to my soup
As I think about all the things I need to do
You would easily make me smile if you were here
As this song bout loneliness plays in my ears
Im thinking bout coming to see you
I wanna come to say I love you
Cause Im tired of all the chat and all the calls
As Im trying to get through the day,
I know that if you were here you would never ever let me fall


Bridge: And I know
Tomorrow is gonna be a new day
And Im gonna get through this day
Im gonna get through this day
Without any wounds to stay