MIRI (Miriam Mark) calls the beautiful island of Virgin Gorda, in the British Virgin Islands, home! At an early age, she was exposed to a wide variety of music, her father being an acclaimed writer and vocalist. Her natural ability to write won her several poetry competitions, and she was always the lead vocalist in her class choirs. MIRI joined a local band as a back up vocalist, and later became the lead vocalist and manager of her own group, Final Faze.
Her performances are describes as energetic, powerful, and exciting. She has opened for many Caribbean artists, performed at five star resorts, and honed her writing skills to place first runner up in the BVI road march competition.
MIRI is the only female artist in the region who composes, arranges and produces her own music. She is an artist on the rise and is quickly drawing the attention of producers and promoters worldwide with her singles, “I Wanna Be There”, “TLC” and “Just For you Love”.


I Wanna Be There

Written By: Miriam Mark

I wanna be there, when the sound of steel pan fills the air
I wanna be there, when its mass and colours everywhere
A celebration we call we Festival
A time to let go, make bacchanal
I’m gonna release my stress, lift up my voice and say

This is my time, to thank the Lord that I am free
This is my time, to bring out the joy inside of me
This is the time to shine, to be the best that I can be
So hear me when I say, I wanna be there

So move out the way, just lemme pass
I come to play, to play me mass
Ah movin left, ah movin right
You just cah hold me back tonight
A waving me rag, waving me flag
Flyin it high, lacin de sky
No knife nor gun, we jumpin as one
I’m gonna be there

I wanna be there, when masqueraders hit the streets
I’m gonna be there, when pulsating rhythms make me move my feet
And when its time for parade and de jouvert
I’ll be chipping and jumpin all de way
I’ll embrace every creed and race
And together we’ll break away

This is my time, to raise my voice in harmony
This is my time, to beautify de whole country
Put away all de hate, only love
De time to show just what we’re made of
Believe me when I say, I’m gonna be there

I will embrace this moment, make it mine
Come take my hand, this is our time to shine

This is my time to shine,
To be the best that I can be
Believe me when I say
I’m gonna be there!!
(chant 2x then fade)

Written and Compsed by Miss Miriam Mark
July 2007


I Wanna Be There
Just For Your Love

Set List

Reggae, R&B, Soca
Sets are 45 minutes to 4 hours, featuring original tunes as well covers such as Natural Mystic, I Dare You, Underneath It All, etc.