Miriam Aïda AfroSamba Orchestra - É de Lei!

Miriam Aïda AfroSamba Orchestra - É de Lei!

 Malmö, Skåne, SWE

Miriam Aïda Afro Samba Orchestra ́s is intimacy, melancholy, boiling energy, happiness, mystery and a journey deep into the heart of the afro-brazilian music. A fusion of samba from Rio, jazz and afro-brazilian rhythms from candomblé and capoeira. Amazing arrangements by Jayme Vignoli(BR)
2012 Miriam Aida formed AfroSamba Orchestra to play the music of brazilian legend and founder of Afro Samba, Baden Powell. The orchestra delivers the rich and complex show together with 2 Capoeira Champions(B


Miriam Aida one of Swedens most popular singers with an international career has performed in Japan, UK, Brazil, France, Spain, USA, Turkey, Russia, Italy, Germany and of course all around Sweden and Scandinavia. After her time exploring the music traditions of Brazil and her success with the albums Meu Brasil and Letras ao Brasil she has been spotted in several national TV shows.

Miriam's extensive talent travels through a number of musical landscapes and since her album-debut in 2002 she has released 7 albums as a leader.

Artist of the year at Swedish World Music Awards 2012

A versatile artist, colorful, headstrong, audacious and personal. A performer who twists and turns on the familiar and who creates new perspectives for all of us.
This was the jurys statement when Miriam Aida received the price for Artist of the year at the swedish World Music Awards in 2012.

Following the success of the swedish Grammy-nominated, Manifest-nominated and World Music Awards-nominated albums Letras ao Brasil (2009) and Visans Vasen (2011), she now releases a new album with her Afro Samba Orchestra.

2012 Miriam Aida formed AfroSamba Orchestra with the  Vindla string quartet, two woodwinds, 7-string acoustic guitar and two percussionists to play the music of brazilian legend and founder of Afro Samba, Baden Powell (1937-2000).

Through an international collaboration with the brazilian arranger Jayme Vignoli, the arrangements have been tailor-made for this ensemble. Jayme Vignoli is one of the most sought-after arrangers in his native Rio De Janeiro the the orchestra plays  his masterful arrangements which are complex, multi-dimensional, colorful and expressive. 

Together with 2 Capoeiristas (BR) we performed with great success in Sweden during 2013 and 2014. One of the Capoeiristas took 5 gold medals in the Rio de Janeiro Capoeira World Championship 2013.

In february 2014 the released the album de Lei! and the album received a number of top reviews in the most important magazines and newspapers in Sweden. In may the album will be released in Japan. 

Promo-video: http://youtu.be/gdPbvbu5_-s


Discography for Miriam Aida: 

#2002 Jan Lundgren Trio presents Miriam Aida & fredrik Kronkvist 
# 2004  My kind of world - Miriam Aida 
#2004 Eletrificacao   - A BOSSA ELETRICA  
#2005 Live at the Palladium Miriam Aida & Fredrik Kronkvist with MNBigband 
# 2005 Too Darn Hot!   - Joe Spinaci & the Brookolino Orchestra
# 2006 Meu Brasil - Miriam Aida 
# 2008 Come On Home - Miriam Aida
# 2008 Mambo Atomico (Hi-Fly Orchestra feat. Miriam Aida)
# 2009 A Bossa Eletrica EP 

# 2010  DO NORTE - A Bossa Eletrica  

#2011 Letras ao Brasil - Miriam Aida Trio 

#2012 Visans Vasen  - Miriam Aida Trio 

#2014   E de Lei - Miriam Aida Afro Samba Orchestra

Set List

MIRIAM AIDA AfroSamba Orchestra

Tristeza e Solidao
Canto de Iemanja
Canto de Ossanha
Medo de amar
de Lei
Canto de Xango
Samba em Preludio
Tempo de Amor
Samba do Perdao