Miriam Allen & the Pasionistas

Miriam Allen & the Pasionistas


With violin, guitar, upright bass, percussion and ethereal female vocals; Miriam Allen & the Pasionistas take sounds and rhythms from around Latin America, stir them up with Southern Roots, and stew them at a low temperature into a sultry, picante yet smooth, passionate acoustic experience.


Miriam Allen is a dancer/singer/composer/multi-instrumentalist whose influences come from having lived and traveled for years in South America and from having performed in Argentina, Cuba, Ecuador, and Mexico. In addition to holding performances throughout the Western Hemisphere, Miriam played with the regional musicians wherever she went, and learned the local dialects and dances, doing odd jobs and working as a street performer to pay the way. However, prior to these extensive travels, her childhood musical training was as a "southerner" with gritty singer/songwriter roots in South Carolina. This truly eclectic training has lead to broad-band musical tastes which are represented by Miriam Allen & the Pasionistas in cabaret, gypsy style performances. The music is worldly yet down to earth thus satisfying the listeners' desire to "be at home" hearing southern music mixed with Latin based music. This dualistic feel is accomplished with one venturesome musical group.


Miriam Allen just released "La Capitana," which is receiving daily airplay on WNCW of North Carolina as well as several other independent stations around the US and a few stations (so we're told) in the UK and the Czech Republic. Allen's first record was "The Mountains of Mendoza," an independent recording from 2004, which also received airplay in the US and Europe.

Set List

We are not a jam band and songs are rarely over four minutes long. Set lengths range from 45 minutes to an hour and a half (depending on venue.) We often do three sets per gig. A typical 45 minute set will look like this:

Pot of Gold
La Capitana
One Eyed Jack
Casa de mi Mama
Natalya's Waltz
La Cucaracha en Re Menor
The Mountains of Mendoza
Der Stinky Bulgar
Cielito Lindo