mirror ball

mirror ball


mirrorball are a power quartet blending time signatures with finger picking psychedelic overtones-intelligent lyrics, soothed by meandering melodies. influences-the beatles, love, byrds, beefheart, can, james brown


mirror ball liken the creative process to riding a bike-move forward or fall off! People are not stupid and they recognize that cobwebs make their own sound as they stick to our souls. Weare not content to stand in the shadows of history for an easy life, and we will create music that reflects the times NOW. Mirror Ball know that considerations such as "genre" "image" and "sound are for shallow plagerists. "Hey, they dress like 14th century jesters, but they sound like Jamiraquoi. Some of you cats reading this may think that Mirror Ball are a bunch of egg headed free jazz zombies last seen disappearing up thei own backsides. Wrong again dear reader. Just ask the musicians who line up the front rows of their gigs with mouths open and minds blown. The revolution may not be televised, but it's coming to a metropolis near you soon!



Set List

set lists cater to order!
15-30-45mins-1hr.longer if required.
set list:
silence, forsaken, another game,heavy lemon
taxation......but to name a few. you set the scene-Love has been covered but requests available!