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Mirror Mirror


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"psycvhe kaleidoscope"

The beautiful guitar melody with which Mirror Mirror’s ‘New Horizons’ begins contains in the revolution of its tones the complete structure of what is to come, like a strange flower slowly unfolding its crimson petals to reveal a wonderful piece of psyche-folk that seduces us with the scent of the United States of America, Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd and early Brian Eno balladry, stuff that never fails to tie our hearts into a knot reminding us of Liars at their sweetest, or the esoteric chrysalis of an enigma metamorphosing into a butterfly fluttering in the edge of our consciousness wondering what to become next, something pretty and pregnant with possibilities and mystery, a metaphor & a spell blown off the face of reality with a puff of smoke as the song finishes, all we are left with is metaphors skirting in the periphery of the weird and lovely transparent radiation it creates, why bother with words, just press play again. - 20 jazz funk greats


2004 K48 Magazine compilation
"A Sentimental Education" MM debut album, scheduled fall release
2008 New Horizons 7" Half Machine records (U.K.)
2008 SAIC LP Cochon Records



Mirror Mirror are David Riley and Ryan Lucero, with Matt Bagdanoff and assortment of friends. Mirror Mirror's collaborations span music, video installation and performance, from Brooklyn to Art Basel. In late 2008 they toured the UK and France with the release of their 1st album, SAIC.