Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

 West Perth, Western Australia, AUS

After deep sea diving (and underwater dreaming) in the studio for 6 months Mirror Mirror have emerged with strange glinting creations of slippery beauty and deep undertows of tension and desire. Capturing both the ethereal and the human, we beckon our listeners into sweeter oblivion.


Just listen to the song. Who do we sound like? Portishead, Coco Rosie, Everything but the Girl, Cocteau Twins, Lamb, Massive Attack, The Postal Service.


So worth trying

Written By: Bree van de Zuidwind and Geoff Baker (2010)

Sometimes you can be so voyeuristic
If you're talking about what needs to be done
I want to show you something
I think its so worth trying

...I could be
So we're in trouble
Like we've never known

Hold tight
We can ride that tsunami
Surfing skies
Its so worth trying

We've travelled on
Watching thru the portals
My body shakes
To remember

Don't try
To catch me I'm freefalling
Open skies
Its so worth trying

Don't you know
I'd leap from the tenth story
All in all
Its so worth trying

I could go on forever like this
Watching you thru portals
All these slithering sentiments
Its like, I need to find the centre, the substance
I find myself flicking thru faces, foraging for an eye full
And I want to catch your tail before you slip away

Don't you know
This burning man is running hard
All aboard
So worth trying

Sometimes I don't want to break this spell
All alight
So worth trying

I haven't been completely honest
Sometimes I get sick
And my body craves
More than I let on
More than I'll ever let you know

Don't try to cool the fire
So worth trying
Can feel this body sing
So worth trying
Don't try to cool the fire
Can feel this body sing

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