Mirror Queen

Mirror Queen

 New York City, New York, USA

60's - 70's - NWOBHM influenced Hard Rock, Stoner Style


Out of the ashes of long running NYC band Aytobach Kreisor emerges Kreisor. After a few roster shakeups over the last few years, we now have the future classic lineup of : KENNY KREISOR - Flying V, vocals, chief songwriter JEREMY O'BRIEN - original and everlasting drummer BEN FELTON - Holding it down with the Fender bass STEVE AUSTIN - the guy on the other side of the stage torturing a Marshall with his Gibson. With 2 US tours and 4 European expeditions behind them, including tinnitus inducing sojourns supporting UFO and Uli Jon Roth all over the Continent, the new power-model of Kreisor is hard at work writing the 4th album. Right On!

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as Kreisor:

S/T 2001 - Rubric Records
Graveyard of Your Mind 2004 - Rubric Records
Beyond Our Controls 2007 - Tee Pee Records
Mindworm EP 2010 - Tee Pee Records
From Earth Below 2011 - Tee Pee Records