Hailing from the pacific northwest, Mirrors plays challenging and innovative guitar-based hard rock. Rock (and roll) filled with provocative melodies and riffs. No scene, no frills, just fun, sexy rock.


Are you suffering from hipster fatigue? Do you loathe the current self-consciousness? Do you remember a time when rock (and roll) was unifying, provocative, even sexy? When people from all walks of life could identify the latest Zeppelin riff, sing Sweet Child O’Mine, or appreciate Nirvana’s aesthetic?

With raucous, rambunctious fun, Mirrors proclaim that its okay to embrace what makes you smile, what makes your ass shake. Mirrors bring pop hooks and colorful hard rock riffs delivered with tight arrangements that never degrade into self-indulgence. This is rock with a mischievous grin and a wink. Subtle? No. Melancholy? No. Snake like grooves? Yes, hell yes.


"One Last Kiss" playing on 101.1 KUFO Portland, OR.
"Her Name is Alice" and "You Should Ask Yourself" are currently being played on the internet radio station INDIEUPRISING.

Set List

The Stand
Her Name is Alice
Let's Start a Riot
The Getaway
You Should Ask Yourself
Flush Fever
One Last Kiss