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Don’t be fooled by the cover featuring a gaudy psychedelic pattern Photoshopped to oblivion: Mirrors And Wires’ music is swift and well-tempered. Without a vocal to be found, the first three tracks of their robust garage/surf rock cruise forward with silly titles like “Curse in the Cauldron” and “Sexy Zombie Pussy.” Everything else here is used to build up closer “Chiaroscuro,” a wonderfully foggy song that manages to craft contemplative sounds out of surf, a genre usually about having wild fun. As I have a deep affection for surf (one of rock’s most underappreciated variations), I’d dig hearing more stuff from this Jersey gang. Should they let the weirdness thrive, this material has cosmic potential. - RazorCake

"Double Dagger/Mirrors and Wires/Math the Band at Shea Stadium BK"

After that were Mirrors and Wires. I didn’t know anything about them going in, but by the name, I would’ve guessed they’d sound like XTC. Once I saw them setting up the Theremin, I guessed something else was up. As their set went on I discovered they sounded more and more like a surf band doing their best to disguise the fact that they’re a surf band, by covering everything in sludge, noise, and heavy metal sounds. Is “post-surf” a thing? What about a “surf-dirge?” Is that a real? Did I hear one of those last night? Yes. And it was gnarly. When I say “experimental surf-rock,” you may think Man or Astro-man?, but Mirrors and Wires takes the same foundation Dick Dale set down fifty-whatever years ago, and stretches it in a direction I’ve not heard anyone attempt with that style. This was definitely a happy surprise, and I wasn’t expecting anything like it. - An Uncontrollable Urge

"Vivian Girls/Screaming Females/Mirrors & Wires played Court Tavern, NJ 1/4/09,"

Mirrors and Wires, from New Brunswick played first. They were a four piece instrumental horror punk rock band. What was interesting about this band was they had a theremin player. According to Wikipedia, it’s “an early electronic musical instrument controlled without contact from the player.” From what I saw it looked like an instrument that created sound without touching the instrument by making a motion in the air near the instrument. It was interesting. Pretty groovy. - Star Beat Music


Mercitron 7" (Halloween 2010)
Sleight of Hand 7" (July 2009)
Colourized Audio Transmission (March 2010)



Mirrors and Wires are a surfpsyche punk band that formed in early 2008. They have released three EPs, including their newest studio effort on Headcount Records, “Mercitron.”

Mirrors and Wires was started in early 2008 by Pat Clark (The Degenerics) on guitar and Ian Thompsen (Pregnant, For Science) on drums. The band was later rounded out with John Slover (For Science) on keys, Josh Hoffman on bass, and Billy Perez on theremin/guitar.

Mirrors and Wires have made a name for themselves throughout the legendary New Brunswick basement scene for their constant touring, and for their exceptional studio efforts. “Mercitron” offers insight to Mirrors and Wire’s progression, with a sound that has been described as “swimming against the current trends” and being compared to a “scrappier Kinks” (punknews.org). The group has perfected their sound, transforming from a basement band into a mature, mind-bending experience. The band is known for their psychedelic stage presence and has shared the stage with acts such as Jello Biafra, World/Inferno Friendship Society, The Vivian Girls, Agent Orange, Screaming Females, and will be playing with punk legends D.R.I. in February 2011.