Detroit, Michigan, USA


Mirrortwin is a post punk, new wave pop band on the Italy Records label, out of Detroit, Michigan. The band is fronted by sisters Loretta and Julie Lucas, who offer up an eclectic mix of pop and angst rock, complete with ethereal vocals. Although the two singer/songwriters have unique compositional styles, they manage to bring it together to form a cohesive sound that is refreshingly original, while retaining a sense of continuity with their influences. The band is rounded out by a rhythm section that builds on the songs and adds a dance dynamic.


A Shot

Written By: Mirrortwin

got a dollar couldn't spare it if I had one
buy a house build a bridge without permission
black and white cinders give us the feeling
that it's Real
that this is Really Happening
johns circling the skirts
they're selling out the streets
find god in the eye of every child and freak
i think i heard a shot
i heard a shot
i heard a shot
i heard a shot


Kelly and Fabrizio/ A Shot 7" Italy Records

To What and What of/ Habit 7" Bellyache Records

LP to be released 2010 on Poppydisk records

Set List

Our sets are 30-40 minutes.

Paranormal Paranoia
A Shot
Kelly and Fabrizio
Shape I'm In
Bells Are Ringing
Follow the Leader
The Future is Now
Everybody Else

We cover the West Coast Pop Experimental Band's song 1906 as well as The B52's 52 girls.