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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States | INDIE

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop R&B


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"For Immediat Release"


(757) 663-1777
Email: info@tsbossstudios.com


Virginia Beach, VA-August 12, 2009 – In a deal that stands to propel both the artist and the recording company to the forefront of the musical genre, Lakeasha Edwards, a.k.a “Miscelaynus”, has signed on with TS Boss Records for a package which includes world wide digital distribution, marketing and promotions of her music.

Born and raised in Norfolk, VA, “Miscelanyus” started her musical career in her early teens receiving inspiration from artists such as M. C. Lyte, Queen Latifah and The Wu Tang Clan. Knowing that the road to musical success is often rocky, “Miscelanyus” was determined to have a back up plan. She attended Virginia State University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy in 2004. Her plans to attend Graduate School were interrupted with the untimely loss of her mother in 2005.

Not since Lauryn Hill has an artist like “Miscelanyus” been introduced to the hip hop community. As both artist and songwriter, she has the ability to deliver a powerful mix of R&B with hip hop rap. While likened to Hill, “Miscelanyus” has made her soulful sound distinctly her own. Her strong vocals and tight lyrics enabled her to open shows for several hip-hop stars such as Keshia Cole, Gorilla Zoe, Onyx and 112. At the 2009 Rock Da Mic Awards she was named female MC of the year. “Miscelanyus” has demanded and earned respect from her male counterparts as a legitimate rap artist. Her determination to succeed as an artist is fueled by her desire to give back to her community.

“Miscelanyus” single debut will be released later this year. Her debut album will be released early 2010.
For a sneak preview go to: www.miscelanyus.com.

G-Man Management was instrumental in seeing the deal between “Miscelanyus” and TS Boss Records come to light. As her management team, G-Man Management’s goal was to seek out the best opportunity for the artist’s musical career. Already in a successful business relationship with the parent company of TS Boss Records, The D-Vine Entertainment Group, Inc., G-Man Management had no doubt that linking the dynamic forces together would be just the thing needed to give them all the hard earned recognition that they deserve in the music industry.

TS Boss Records, a subsidiary of The D-Vine Entertainment Group, Inc., which also consists of TS Boss Studios, TS Boss Publishing Company, TS Boss Digital Distribution, WWW.TSBDigitalMusicDownload.com and World Wide Media Dreams, is an independent record label that offers record deals which consists of digital distribution of music in over 240 internet stores, as well as marketing and promotion.

For further information, contact:

TS Boss Records
Little Neck Towers
3500 Virginia Beach Blvd Suite 300
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

- TS Boss Records


LP "Get Dat Guap" - promo release 2009
Singe Release - "Lights, Camera, Action"
Album Release Jan 2010
14 songs
"Intro" - Track 1 - "Fireman" Track2 - "Lights, Camera, Action" Track 3 - "What It Be Like", Track 4 -"Studio Love", Track 5 - "Party Life" Track 6 - "Piece of It" Track 7 - "My Honey" Track 8 - "Both of You" Track 9 - "I Had Enough" Track 10 - The Hottest MC" Track 11 - The Recipe" Tack 12 - "Left Feild" Track 13 "I Know Thats Right" Track 14 - "What You Know About me"



Album Reviews

MTV Music Supervisor Jen Schwartz – " I LOVE them by the way!" referring to the tracks she solicited for MTV fall schedule.

When a female MC jumps in the ring, there’s an unspoken pressure to come hard, wiping the smirks off male faces with a well-crafted verbal slap. It’s still a boy’s club, after all, and proving yourself sometimes means sucker punching the biggest and baddest guy in the room. Virginia MC Miscelanyus knows the drill, and delivers blow after blow right out of the gate. On “Intro” she spits scathing lines like, “You bitches Anne Frank, my Nazi flow is killing this,” and “Married to the mic and the money, I’m a bigamist.” Filthy, raw and sharp, you find yourself grinning in delight the further she goes into the gutter. But being a successful MC doesn’t mean subjugating all your femininity. The ballad “Studio Love” uses a recording session as a metaphor for romantic interludes. It’s kind of silly, yes, but chances are you’ll still have a good time. But the most fun to be had comes with “Lights, Camera, Action.” The clomping, jerking beat and vintage ‘80s synths are edgy and cool enough for a Missy Elliott track. But she’ll have to fight Miscelanyus for them, and we wouldn’t advise it. Girl has some mean hooks.
by Kate B. (Our Stage Fight Club).