Mischelle Martyn

Mischelle Martyn


An eclectic mix of neo-soul, R&B and lounge music. The kind of music that is full of strength and a whole lotta love. My music either makes you want to dance, reminese or just relax. Soulful feel good vibes is what I'm about.


Let me start by saying that, to sing is what I was put here on earth to do. My mom tells me that when I was 3, standing on top of a dining room table at a birthday party, singing and dancing for everyone. She knew right then that her daughter was going to be a singer. And that scared her!! But she saw that through the years I went on auditions, played out, and started to record and do backup for local friends and I also kept a job which made her happy. I never stopped pursuing my dream. And here we are. My many influences include, Al Green, Etta James, India Irie, John Lennon,Motown soul artists, Tina Turner, and many others. I grew up in a home where we listened to everything from gospel to country and everything in between. My style is said to be a smooth groove of neo-soul, R&B, lounge and some reggae. My voice has been described as buttery, rich, smooth, perfect pitch. What sets me apart is that I want to SING. And it shows. I am original, versatile and charismatic on stage, in the studio and in life. I have to share my voice and my art with the world.


"What you've become" single, released March 2008 and it's on www.myspace.com/mischellemartyn

Set List

Typically I do 2 sets per performance, sets last about 45 minutes. I do originals and covers. About half of each. My style is soul and louge type music so I do not do party songs (Macarena)