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 Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA

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White Line Fever (Mojo Gurus)

Written By: Kevin Steele

I got the white line fever, comin’ back from the shaky side
I got the white line fever, in a triple digit ride
White line fever, got ‘er up into booogie now
White line fever, layin’ the hammer down and how

You know that I was born in a big rig
I got diesel runnin’ through my veins
Soon as I got me a clear shot
I was burnin’ up the bumper lane
I grew up on the highway
Yes I’ve paid the toll
But eighteen wheels is the only way I roll

Repeat chorus

Well I’m on my way to cigar city
To pick up another load
Then I flip flop to California
That’s where I get paid what I’m owed
White cross and coffee a little west coast turn around
Then stand on it baby
‘cause you know I’m homeward bound

Repeat chorus

I got a girl inTallahassee
Got a girl in Abilene
One out in San Francisco
And every eat ‘em up in between
Love me good tonight
Tomorrow I’ll be gone
I got the white line fever and I gotta keep movin’ on

Repeat chorus

White lines on the mirror
White lines on the road
I got the white line fever baby don’t you know
White line fever
Layin’ the hammer down and how


Written By: Shayne Soderstrom

"he looked up
and he saw the sky was different from before
he looked down
and spat on the old colors on the floor
he knew that things were changing
for the better and he accepted that
he closed his eyes for one last time
and never did look back

he went to get a razor blade
and cut into his finger tip
just to see the color flowing
through his veins and to his lips
no one else had seen the difference
but he knew that they were going to
the sun shined at its brightest on
an ocean of the deepest blue

and he loved"