Mise en Scene

Mise en Scene

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

Mise en Scene is the Garage Pop/Rock band hailing from Canada's creative capital, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Founded by BFF art school drop outs (Stef and Jodi) the band is known for their emotive, high energy live performances, soaring vocals, honest and endearing lyrics, heavy rhythm and laid back, humble off stage vibes. If you're into Alvvays and Dilly Dally, you'll dig Mise en Scene and "Still Life on Fire" a record CBC Music calls “One of the most compelling albums you’ll hear this year”.


Hot off the heels of their sophomore full length, Stefanie Blondal Johnson and Jodi Dunlop of Winnipeg rock outfit Mise en Scene have seen some slow and steady changes, but the metamorphosis is well worth the wait. Titled Still Life On Fire (Light Organ Records), the album is a burning holler, a swelling rumble indicative of the talented forces behind the monitors.

Johnson began writing the album while taking part in a musicians residency at the renowned Banff Arts Centre in the winter of 2014. Beginning with the expansive “Intro (Nothing)”, the album builds through layers of hard hitting percussion, powerful vocals and catchy riffs. Just past the half way mark, your head is bopping and you’re captured by tasteful balance between head banging rock jams to transcending pop melodies. The album unfolds itself to you, through it’s journey from darkness to light, Johnson explains:

“Everything I had been collecting and considering over the last two and a half years of heavy touring and international festivals came out of me like the emotional catharsis that is the nature of song writing. Most of what I was reflecting on was about the world around me, the pressures surrounding it and the fight to find true meaning in one’s life. The album has an emotional arc, beginning much darker in musical themes and lyrical content. It questions (sometimes bitterly) the world and our role in it and how fragmented we have become, in love and in daily life. More frustrated than anything, the album slowly grows into itself, realizing that complaining about the world around you does nothing. The album begins resolving itself when the title track of the album asks: Is it still life on fire? Are you still living your life? Are you awake in your happiness? The songs following the title track are about love found, accepting some of the negative realities of life, learning about yourself, confronting yourself and wanting to be on the side of light instead of the dark side. The album ends longing for the world to be better, to lead with positivity and light, not darkness and negativity.”

Recorded in Winnipeg and produced by Montréal-based Mike Nash (who has worked with everyone from members of The Dears, Blue Rodeo and Ladies of the Canyon) the album is a full, sonic delight capturing a full portrayal of the band’s journey.

Mise en Scene’s breakout album, Desire’s Despair, was a rallying call that got the female forces noticed, and more importantly, heard. Produced by Howard Redekopp (Tegan & Sara), Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire) and Tony Berg (Beck), the album took them on a roller coaster of a career kick-off. It lived on the !earshot Top 50 national charts in Canada for months, received a 2014 Sirius XM Indies Award nomination, as well as touring across Canada, to infamous American music hubs such as SXSW, and to the prestigious Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona, Spain.

With their new album, out on Light Organ Records (North America) and Ferry House (Germany), it is clear that anyone who digs the vibes of Alvvays and Dilly Dally will fall in love with Mise en Scene and Still Life On Fire, a record CBC Music calls “One of the most compelling albums you’ll hear this year”, and it couldn’t have come a moment too soon.


Still Life on Fire (Light Organ Records 2017)
Desire's Despair (Pipe and Hat 2012)