Heavy Metal!!!!!


Misery is a hard hitting metal band from Long Island, New York. Misery was formed in the early 90's and is now stronger than ever in the year 2009. Misery released their full length album "Fifteen Years OF Aggression in August 2008 with rave reviews from the metal world. The album was produced by legendary Life Of Agony guirtist Joey Z in Brooklyn, New York at Method Of Groove Studio. Joey Z took such a liking to the band that he asked Misery to support Life Of Agony on an East Coast run in December of 2008 and January of 2009. In February 2009 Misery was named The Next Great Metal Band, by Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister by winning Metal Blade Records and J&R Music’s in store completion. In 2009 Misery reached as high as 12 on the FMQB Metal Radio Charts and can currently be heard on Sirius-XM satellite radio station Liquid Metal. Misery can also, be heard on cable shows such as Music Choice and DMX. Misery has played an end-less amount of shows on the East Coast of North America and with their unique sound and style have supported bands such as Biohazard, Pro-Pain, Overkill, Sheer Terror, Sworn Enemy,Death Angel, Buck Cherry, Suffocation, E-Town Concrete, Internal Bleeding,Bile, Napalm Death,Nile, Fozzy, Testament, Brand New Sin, Life Of Agony,My Mortality & Spoiler NYC.


LP "Fifteen Years of Aggression" released in 2008. EP "Break the Silence" released in 2009. Many tracks streaming and on radio including I'm Inside and Break the Silence in regular rotation on Sirius-XM's Liquid Metal. In November of 2009 for two weeks in a row Break the Silence has been #9 most requested song in the world on Liquid Metal.

Set List

10-15 songs depending on the lenght of time we are given. Set times differ if we are head liners of support to a bigger act.
I'm Inside
Break the Silence
Social Anxiety
Low Life
My Time
I Hate Your Face
Save You
Steal My Background