misery love company

misery love company

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Imagine a band that mixes all genres effortlessly in a completely danceable, the-party-is-here style and yet shows a remarkable depth and poignancy. Combining everything anyone could possibly like about music into a spicy gumbo of audio brilliance.


Misery Love Company is made up of four professional musicians who have experience playing a vast variety of different styles of music. The members of this band currently play in many other groups and work as freelance musicians throughout the Seattle area, but are excited to have their own group to experiment with different styles of music that influence them. Influences include many styles of music, including rock, metal, indie/pop, jazz, funk, world music, hip hop, country, bluegrass, latin, and classical, to name a few. All of the members of this group are excited to be playing with each other, and it shows when you see them play!


we have a great demo that is available at our shows and on our myspace

Set List

We have two 45 min sets right now. There is no covers in the set list but that is something that we could be open to. All of our band members are in and have been in multiple bands for around 10 years now so we have experience and are flexible to our venues needs concerning set list and time.
Our songs are from 8-17 mins long.

1. Fire
2. Porcini
3. Walk Tall
4. Princeton Blues
5. Being for the Benefit of I, Me, Mine
6. SPONaj
7. Sex in a Coffee Shop Bathroom
8. The Celebrated Waggle Dance
9. Diddy is Daddy