Misery Loves Comfort

Misery Loves Comfort


Misery Loves Comfort is a Rock/Metal band. All the band members are very close friends. Their influences are Pink Floyd, Blink 182 and New Day Rock. Mark Byrne and Mitch Silva are the original members. Brother Garrett Silva Trevor Miller, Kyle Paulus joined in to complete the line up.


Southern California Band. (The OC) All members met during High School.

This year for Misery Loves Comfort has been a shaky year with a dramatic change in the bands line up. Mark Byrne has gone from playing lead guitar and screaming back up to lead vocals and rhythm guitar. We have also brought a more aggressive feel to the band with adding the hardcore screaming from Garrett Silva. Although the line up has changed dramatically there's one person that could never leave their spot in the band and that's Mitch Silva. His unique and innovative style of drumming dips into other styles such as hip hop, metal, and punk. We are also experimenting with a new keyboardist, Trevor Miller, who loves creating unique sounds and melodies. As for a bass player Kyle Paulus remarkably stepped up to the challenge and has really made a difference with his diverse style of playing. We are working on 2 more songs. Our hopes are to spread our music all around the world. We hope to have a full line of merchandise available for men and of course the lovely ladies that want to support the band and look good at the same time. We hope you enjoy all the music by Misery Loves Comfort, we thank all our friends and family for all the love and support they have given us, your what keeps us moving.

Mitch Silva - Drummer

It started when Mitch was about 13 years old when his father Ralph Silva taught him a few basic drum beats. When Mitch was 14 he met Ronnie Radke formally from the band Escape the Fate. They began playing simple drum beats along with single finger guitar patterns. They continued to play eventually adding bassist Chris Senko which completed their band Three Point O. The band first performed at Mars Music in Las Vegas NV, where small magazine company called Brown Bag Magazine had offered another show at the Huntridge.

In 2002, while attending summer school at Esperanza HS in Yorba Linda, CA, Mitch was introduced to Mark Byrne by their buddy Don Phan. Mark had already been playing with another band but eventually left to start jamming with Mitch. The two practiced every other day. At first, the band just played cover songs until they figured out each others styles. They began writing and had also come up with the name Misery Loves Comfort. For the next three years the band went on writing as they went through multiple bassists’, guitarists’ and singers, never seeming to find people that were consistent in practices.

In 2006 the band started playing with singer D.P. (Danny Mehi). They soon had songs and were playing venues such as Chain Reaction, H.O.B, H.O.B SD, etc... Mark and Mitch decided that their music needed to go in a different direction. Mitch’s brother, Garrett Silva had been singing/screaming with another band. Mark was always curious about Garrett’s screaming abilities and wanted him to try out. The screaming was just amazing and like no other. They knew Garret was to be their front man. Mark had also taking a big step and began singing and writing lyrics but they were now in search for a new bassist and a key/synth player.

In the summer of 2007, two of Garrett’s best friends Trevor Miller (keyboard/synth) and Kyle Paulus (bass) joined the band. The band was finally complete and was the new and improved Misery Loves Comfort.

As for Mitch’s drumming, he continues to stay consistent with playing what he loves the most such as punk beats, hip hop beats with a little hardcore in there also adding a taste of metal to his style. Mitch’s favorite bands are Blink 182, Homegrown and Brand New.

Mark Byrne - Guitar / Vocals

Ever since he was a baby, Mark Byrne was astonished and moved by the world of music. When he was still in diapers, his mother and father would always be playing the sounds of Pink Floyd, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, etc. As he grew up so did his love for music. When he was about 10 years old, his mother and uncle bought him his first guitar, a Fender Stratocaster and a 15 watt Fender practice amp. Mark was more interested in playing percussion than guitar but became very interested in his new instrument. When he was about 13 years old, he joined his first band. He continued to jam with different bands still in search for a permanent band. After a year of jamming with different bands, he met drummer Mitch Silva. They started playing every week and were both interested in the same music. Soon after Mitch’s longtime friend, Derek stated playing bass with them. They practiced and stared writing songs. After a while, they decided on a name for their group, Misery Loves Comfort. D.P. Danny Mehi joined them. They started playing shows and getting their music out there. They placed such venues as House of Blues (Anaheim & San Diego) & Chain Reaction. Mark and Mitch decided to go separate ways from D.P.

Mark and Mitch started playing with many different people and eventually found the missing pieces, Garret Silva (Mitch’s brother) on vocals, Kyl


Everytime I Drown

Written By: Mark Bryne & Garrett Silva

What is this place I'm in
It's so corrupt save me from this
Everytime I drown
No bittersweetness most of all no softer sound
Smashing through this wall
Screaming cries tearing me up on the inside
I'm taking time to realize
That everyday's a state of mind
I keep diving deeper just so I can drown
So why am I so feeble minded with this situation
Serenading myself from all these shameful things
I'm taking into thought that this is not the end
Everytime that this occurs I feel that I'll break
But this is just so much, so much for me to take
Stop and close your eyes
These things they take time
Please just wait for me
I'll change just wait and see
Dont close your eyes
When you wake I won't be there
Contemplating my suicide i am so scared
I am so scared

This Isn't Real

Written By: Mark Bryne & Garrett Silva

So you'll always know
That everything's the same
And I'll be just fine
I'll be right here waiting
Breaking my back just to feel
Like everything's a mess
Like nothing's going right at all
Tell me that this isn't real
Beginning to feel like a dream
Taking time to notice
Everything you do
So you'll always know
That everything's just as before
And I'll be just fine
I'll be right here waiting
I'm running out of time
I don't feel I'll get out alive
There's light in the end
I'll never look back again
I won't forget my past
It reminds me of who I am

Time Stands Still

Written By: Kyle Paulus, Mark Bryne & Garrett Silva

I look deep into your eyes
Can't fake this is your disguise
You move so steadily, so steadily
As I Wake up from this dream
Things are not always what they seem
I breathe so heavily, so heavily
I'm waiting for the future but your in the past
I'm so alone
So as I wake up from this dream
Things aren't always what they seem
Stars stay frozen in your eyes
Reflecting shimmering
But as they close I start to feel
Time stands still
My thoughts escaping from my head
Your voice is what I hear instead
I step so carefully, so carefully
These walls are keeping me enclosed
My heart is dying I suppose
This pain will never end
Your eyes are tearing me to shreads
As you step so carefully
And I breathe so heavily

Ease Your Pain

Written By: Mark Bryne & Garrett Silva

I'm dying to find
Why you're never ready still no steady
You've been sitting in this room telling yourself
Pain eventually subsides taking its rest
I never thought, I never thought
That this day would come now
You never feel, you never feel
Like opening the door
Waiting for anyone but you
So if you stop your hiding this will ease your pain
So make the right decision just walk away
Consequences await your actions
Everytime we pass each other we move forward
Nothing stays the same
I'm looking back on what you've done
You can't move on
This is ruining my life
And I hate it
I never thought, I never thought
That this day would come now
You never feel, You never
Feel like opening the door
So if you stop now, So if you stop now
This will ease your pain
Ease your pain


Time Stands Still - EP 2007

Set List

Everytime I Drown
This Isn't Real
All These Thoughts
Time Stands Still
Ease Your Pain

Working on 2 more songs which will be completed i a couple of weeks.