Misfit Ent.

Misfit Ent.

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Misfit Ent. is the beginning of a new era of hip-hop! Lyricism, coupled with a powerful performance is our formula for a hype and successful event! As an entity, we live by our motto: Live Free, Die Hard!


Matrixx: A teenager in a genre as diverse as hip hop, the odds are stacked against him. But... despite the challenges facing him, he continues to record and perform music like there are no challenges at all. There are 2 x's at the end of the "Matri" which serves two purposes: 1. Separating him from any other Matrix's out there. 2. Allowing the catchy and often used "double x" slogan. His flow is sacred, his style is impeccable and his personality is real. Now... Enter the Matrixx.

Young Solo: Young Solo had dropped 6 mixtapes and calls himself the michael jordan of the mixtapes because because mj had six rings. Now he has 10 mixtapes and many more to drop and he's not being stopped. He is recently working on a album and getting money like a major artist in a independent way.

RokStarr: CEO, producer, engineer and songwriter of MisFit Ent., serves also as the hype man for both Matrixx and Young Solo. With unorthodox musical insight combined with business RokStarr makes this entity a misfit to other labels.


*Stereo Volume 1
*Stereo Volume 2: Enter the Matrixx
*Stereo Volume 3: Third Times a Charm

Young Solo:
*Young, Hood and Flashy

Set List

Each artist/performer's set consists of 3 songs.