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The M.I.S.F.I.T.z (Ministering Ideals for Impeccable Teachingz) is a dynamic and creative hip hop/soul duo hailing from Austin, TX. They posses the uncanny ability to become one with the Music, as their natural flow is infectious, making each song ultra-contagious the Listeners


Tal Belvin and Xzavier Leonard don’t want to work anymore. They aren’t lazy or looking for sympathy. They aren’t delusional or disgruntled, and they don’t want to build a cabin in the woods. Belvin, 24, better known as Tal-B, and “X,” 27, his partner in rhyme, are life-long rappers – born and bread in Austin, Texas.
“I just wanna be an individual,” says Belvin, with honest ambition in his voice. “We want to be our own business, our own entity.”
For two rappers in Central Texas, the road to autonomy has been long. Belvin and Leonard, who are close cousins, have dreamt of being full-time musicians since they were kids playing Tupac tapes on a circa 1994 radio. Now the two spend as much time as they can in a recording studio
The M.I.S.F.I.T.Z.
On stage, Belvin and Leonard are known as The M.I.S.F.I.T.Z., an acronym that stands for Ministering Ideals Suitable For Impeccable Teaching. For cousins, the two don’t look much alike. But their interactions are in-sync, and they frequently face one another while rapping fervently into the microphone. Their words and motions seem natural and effortless. ‘X’ steps forward, Tal-B steps back.
After graduating high-school, the duo parted ways and left their futures uncertain.
Leonard spent a year at Prairie View A&M before dropping out and spending a short time in L.A. Belvin attended the University of North Texas for a semester, but was expelled after being caught with marijuana. After a spat with his mother, Belvin decided to transfer to the University of Houston. Between classes, he continued pursuing his music dreams, rapping and recording.
“The last one or two years were like Rap 101,” he says. In 2005, Belvin graduated with a degree in marketing He decided to return to Austin where he took up various hustles and reunited with Leonard with the goal of taking The M.I.S.F.I.T.Z. to the next level. Like ‘X’, his achievements have only fueled his ambitions.
With Austin’s reputation as the live music capitol of the world, the river city has been a fertile ground for a special blend of hip-hop infused with laid, head-boppin beats, live instrumentation, and fluid EMCESS like the M.I.S.F.I.Tz, whose songs are hauntingly contagious. Urging the listeners finger to press repeat, while simustaneously holding back in anticipation of the next M.I.S.F.I.Tz jam.
Up to Date one of the groups most memorable shows was opening up for Method Man at the University of Texas Ball Room, “The energy was crazy” exclaims ‘X’, not to mention they had all the Ladies in the crowd humming their melodies all night. But most importantly they put on show that established them as one the most entertaining musical acts of this generation.


Bomb, Jewels, and Gemz, 2005
Past and Present, 2007
Black, Beautiful, & Bold Coming Soon

Set List

1.'Can u Help Me'. 2.'Criminal' 3.'Black Out' 4. Jeruselum 5.'I Love Life' 6.'Back On It' 7.'Caribe SunSet' 8.'Black Man from Pakistan' 9.'Whatever' 10.'Windows Down' 11.'Che' 12.'Do Yo Thang' etc...
Set List is Geared for 20m. to 60m. sets depending on time requirements. We have 25+ song catalog.