Misguided Aggression

Misguided Aggression

 Woodstock, Ontario, CAN

Misguided Aggression has been a very powerful force within the Ontario Metal Scene over the last few years. They combine in your face fast-paced thrashy beats with sheer anger and catchy groove. With the successful debut album "Hatchala" the band is releasing "Flood The Common Ground" June 28th!


When you take a firm passion, steady determination, brutal beats and an in your face live performance you get Misguided Aggression hailing from Southwestern Ontario. Emerging in 2004 upon the Canadian metal scene, Misguided Aggression has had an undying persistence to get their name recognized and respected with their raw metal and face melting performance. Their current line up Randy Allcock (Guitars), Ben Dobson (Guitars), Rob Demedeiros (Vocals), John Ryan Godfrey (Bass) and Ben Taylor (Drums) are not going to back down now. Get ready metal heads because Misguided is back with “Flood the Common Ground” an unforgettable release of even heavier, groovier, grungier collection of the sound we all know and love, Misguided Aggression.

Since Misguided Aggression broke into the scene they have independently released “Fear No Evil” (2005), “Our Savior’s Daydream” (2006) and The Beast Coast Tour EP (2007). They also have now released their popular album “Hatchala” (2009) with their single “Our Kingdom Come” to which they have a video which much like their music, has the in your face attitude. They toured heavily with this record and dedicated much time writing their newest “Flood the Common Ground” in March of 2011 which like “Hatchala” will be recorded at Ice House Studios with Thomas Ireland. The bands growth as writers will show immense progression of heavier, rawer and tighter music which Misguided’s fans cannot wait to hear.

With an undeniable fan base and incredible live performance Misguided Aggression was quick to be noticed. The band signed to Kerosene Media in conjunction with Year Of The Sun which released “Hatchala”. With “Hatchala” their fan base only grew with a heavy touring schedule and they aren’t going to back down with their upcoming record “Flood the Common Ground”. With plans to tour all of North America on this record, Misguided’s fan base can only increase. You simply cannot walk away from their live show without having a catchy riff stuck in your head or reliving their unforgettable live performance. They will not go un-noticed and you simply won’t be able to forget them.

When you attend a Misguided Aggression show and see the dedication put into their heavy music and crazy live performance you quickly understand why the pit is wild and their fans are so dedicated. With influences like Lamb of God, Meshuggah and Pantera you know you’re in for a heavy night and a record you can’t take off repeat. Get ready metal heads, Misguided is back and better and more in your face than ever.


Fear No Evil (EP - 2006)

Our Saviour's Daydream (EP - 2008)

Hatchala (2009) - Distributed through Year of the Sun Records in conjunction with Sonic Unyon (Canada) and Relapse (US) Distribution. Many songs off this album have received college radio airplay from stations such as 88.3 FM

"Our Kingdom Come" the single from Hatchala is supported with a music video that can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKWB3DY1NMY

"Our Kingdom Come" DVD (2010) includes a live show from the London Music Hall and a band biography along with the music video.

"Flood The Common Ground" released June 28th, 2011 in stores across North America in conjunction with Last Man Standing Music/Year of the Sun Records and distributed through Sonic Unyon Distribution (Canada) and Relapse Records (US). A New music video will be released to support the album.

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