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"Misguided Youth: local act on the verge of success"

By Caitlin Moran - Staff Writer

Driving along Irving Park Road in Bensenville, you will probably pass a giant sign sporting the words "Gun World.” There is also a little Mexican restaurant that nestles next to Gun World, and on the farthest side is what appears to be a desolate building. The building is far from empty, however: this is where the local band Misguided Youth perfects their inventive and soul-riveting sound.
The band did not originate in this building, however—it all began in a basement in 1998 when EC senior George Andrikokus (guitarist) and John Weidel (vocalist) just wanted to make music.
"John and I grew up together," explained Andrikokus about the band’s formation. "Then one Sunday afternoon Dickie (bassist Richard LaVergne) was walking down our street, and when he heard us jamming, he knocked on the door and told us he could play the keyboard."
After having Dickie play bass lines, Andrikokus and John invited him to join the band. Dickie bought a bass and they became Metal Driven Punks, mainly playing pop punk similar to that of Blink-182. They continued harnessing their sound with the addition of two members, Jeff Williams (guitarist) and EC senior Brain Collins (drummer).
Bringing all five heads together, Misguided Youth has managed to build a repertoire of originals like "Graciously" and "Maintain" (both from their 2004 ep) to covers ranging from artists like Sublime, 311 and Rage Against the Machine. Do not assume that they can only play heavy rock; they are open to playing and listening to everything.
"We all have our own style of music that we listen to on a regular basis and we bring that to the table," Andrikokus said. "We are so open to all music. We accept it, and then the elements [from] the five of us, which is a very diverse collage of music, comes together, making it our sound."
Misguided Youth is not only recognized on the local circuit. Last year the band entered a 94.7 Zone/Gameworks Battle of the Bands competition. They competed for three rounds and ended up winning the contest.
"It was great winning that contest," Weidel explained. "However, we play for the fans, not the fame."
The rest of the members agree that they get their energy and ideas from their fans.
"Our music is directed towards anyone and every one of all ages," said Andrikokus.
The fans agree, as former drummer John Zurick explains, "They are the best amateur band I have ever seen in the last 10 years with [both] their originals and covers."
They have also built a fairly large fan base at EC, playing at the Coffee House Series sponsored by Music Business Student Union and the spring concert, Rock the U.
"We love playing at Elmhurst, because we can always expose our sound to new people," Andrikokus stated.
Having been established for several years, Misguided Youth has had a few releases, including their first full-length in 2000, Reality, which was produced by their manager Tim Weidel (a relative of John), who has managed the band since the beginning.
"I decided to manage Misguided Youth because I saw talent," Tim Weidel explained as he talked about the talents of the individual band members.
Misguided Youth’s next challenge is to widen their fan base and play at bigger venues. To fulfill their aspirations, they are currently working on a three-song demo, which hopefully will make an appearance sometime in the winter.
"We are hoping with a better recording of our sound we will get bigger venues to [let us] play," Andrikokus said.
"Our songs aren’t easily digestible, so you as a listener can take from the music and especially the lyrics an idea and formulate it to fit your life, so then it is your own," Andrikokus explained. "I want our songs to be everyone’s like it is ours so there is a common ground between us and our fans."
More information on Misguided Youth can be found at misguidedyouth.com.

- The Leader - Elmhurst College Student Newspaper November 22, 2005

"94.7 the Zone's 2004 Battle of the bands"

Misguided Youth wins the 2004 Battle of the bands which started with 16 local bands back in Sept. and ended on Dec. 3rd with the Youth taking the qualifing round, the semi-final, and the championship from some very stiff competition.
"They are a great band. I would not be surprised to see big things from them." said James Van Osdal the DJ sent from 94.7 to judge the competition. "They showed alot of talent, great song writing, and mad energy tonight". said one of the judges sent from Miller Beer who were sponsoring the compitition along with Gameworks and WZZN 94.7 The Zone. - The Local Zone


Realty? 12 song LP (2000)

5 Song Demo EP (2004)

Live at Double Door EP Courtesy
of Emusic live (2004)

Q101 DEMO Single "Skywalk Evader" (2006)

Best of Drophits.net Compilation CD - "Skywalk Evader DEMO" (2006)

Start The Process EP (2006)



Misguided Youth recorded songs with acclaimed producer/engineers Manny Sanchez and Chris Harden (Umphrey’s Mcgee, Air This Side of Caution, Plaid Penmanship) the result is a musical smorgasbord which appeals to all aspects of music enthusiasts. The music’s ability to make you rock and dance with its funk and jazz rhythm yet rock infused guitar give the music a unique feel that has been shaped and perfected over 10 years of collaboration between band members. “I can’t really describe what genre we fall into,” says guitarist George Andrikokus “I just know that we have 5 different backgrounds in music that really come together nicely when we perform.”

Misguided Youth has performed to pleased sold out crowds at Chicago’s The Note, Underground Lounge, US Beer Co., and Doubledoor and suburban Penny Road Pub, Brauerhouse, Clearwater Theatre, and Otto’s. Misguided Youth have played with many well known Chicago based bands such as Plain White T’s and Escape From Earth as well as numerous other local bands. Misguided Youth’s song “Awakening Forever” won numerous competitions between Chicago bands on the popular WKQX (Q101) radio station in Chicago.

Misguided Youth’s live show is a demonstration of the “Duality of Man”. It has the grace and beauty of a classical performance but at the same time it displays the chaos and primal energy of a modern rock show. “Our live show feeds off of the energy the fans give us” says Collins “The fans are incredible.” The high powered energy and rhythmic drive of Misguided Youth has captured the love of devoted fans throughout the greater Chicago-land area and the country.

Misguided Youth has powerful songs, catchy hooks, and an amazing live show. Their music will inspire you. Their performance will captivate you. Misguided Youth will astound you.