New Haven, Connecticut, USA
BandEDMHip Hop

My music is composed almost entirely of samples of other artists' tracks. So in that respect I'm a sample artist. The goal of the genre is to combine many types of tunes into one track that stands on its own. Sampling is an art of suspense and recognition keeping listeners excited about what's next.


My main influences come from youtube and virtually any sound that I can get my hands on. I started listening to artists like DJ Shadow, J Dilla, John Oswald. They're all great and manipulate samples by building one sample over an entire track. The opposite type of sampling is the type done by Girl Talk, Bran Flakes, and other artists more associated with the mashup genre. I do both. What sets Misha aside from other bands is that I approach sampling and mashups in a the same way a pianist approaches a concerto. For example, often times Chopin builds up tension by bombarding the listener with notes and off-beats and releases that tension by introducing a more standard, easily approachable melody. I do the same with samples. I build up tension by introducing many different samples throughout a track, supporting them with my beats, and then I release by introducing a recognizable rhythm or melody afterwards. In short, sampling introduces a new aspect into writing music - recognizability. Like any form of music, if it's done with thought and creativity, sampling can revive and reinterpret already existing tracks to the point where listeners are no longer interested in the original track but rather the way it is used in its new context. I like to think that my samples are used in jst this way.


Your Friend
No Sleep
I Drink Your Milkshake
Biggie, Wake Up

Set List

My sets have a large improvisational component to them but here are tracks that I play or modify during my set:

Time to Begin 4:12
Your Friend 9:16
Take it Back 4:47
Crystal Lab 4:59
I Drink Your Milkshake 4:43
1edit 4:22
No Sleep 3:12
Biggie, Wake Up 3:52
Player's Bliss 4:16