Misha Johnson

Misha Johnson

 Denver, Colorado, USA

A unique - indie - lyrical - force!
"Captivating music, entrancing performance"
"Misha's music is uniquely unlike anything I have heard, she is a delight to watch and her music will be stuck in your head for weeks"


Misha has been a professional storyteller and songwriter since she was in her early teens, and has performed throughout her home state of Minnesota. She has worked with musicians from New York, Minneapolis, and Denver and written in the style of everything from Jazz, Gospel, Pop, Hip Hop, and Country, and is currently in the process of selling this type of music on her reverb page. She is thankful for her songwriting comrade - Jake Williamson who creates and arranges all the guitar and piano in these songs, making them truly come alive!! The music she performs out in the world is a unique style of it's own; this original ukulele music has been compared to the flavor of Kate Bush, Leonard Cohen and Regina Specktor. Misha's natural stage presence, storytelling abilities, and her lyrical nature make for a evening not to miss. She is currently working on her full album that will soon be available on itunes and her website www.mishajohnson.com

"My Imagination makes me human and makes me a fool, it gives me the world, and it exiles me from it" -Ursula K. LeGuinn

Thanks for listening :-)
Live, Love, Laugh, Dream, Believe!
"Confess and live, confess and love" -Shakespeare


Misha just released her new single: One for luck

The album: Moscato Sessions with Jake Williamson (featuring the songs ZAX and FINALLY YOU) will be released SOON!

The album: Run away with me, will feature 12 brand new songs with ukulele and the piano, will be release by April!

Set List

90 - 120 minutes of original music