Mishal Zeera

Mishal Zeera


Elegiac, naked, music that is a good excuse to propel oneself into all sorts of reflections and pretensions. Hints of "Alladin Sane"-era Bowie and the Kinks at their most bittersweet.


Mishal Zeera comes from a desert industrial island in the Middle East. He grew up a foreigner in his own land. The often paralysing boredom kept him at the music and away from the hookah pipes and cheap heroin.

Misguidedly relocating and playing in experimental proto-retro bands in Montreal and LA, he eventually ended up in London where he went to art school. Performing to London crowds with the band "Kalki", he developed his songwriting and production skill. BBC1 took a song of his and put it on what was the John Peel show (RIP). John Peel died the week he recieved Mishal's demo, so Huw Stephens had to play it. Uncomfortable feelings were had all around, but it was still somewhat decidedly cool.

Comparisons with The Doors, the Kinks and David Bowie have often been made since the early days in London. Mishal's songs lend themselves equally to stripped-down acoustic/piano sets as to high-gain performances. Songs like "Oh Well" (featured on Jonathan Clarkes "Out of the Box" show on 104.3FM) pummel you with a heavy hooky chorus, while caressing you with an intimate, fragile verse. "Lady Catherine" ushers in welcome nostalgia for Paint It Black era Stones. "The Graduate" is a stark and vulnerable confession, with a nod to Mick Ronson-era Bowie. Funnily enough, it was actually written during Mishal's graduation ceremony (held 100 yards away from his apartment) while Mishal was nursing a fearsome hangover.

Playing on an outdoors stage at Austin, Texas's SXSW festival one fine sunny afternoon, a mini-epiphany was had... but is now... forgotten.


Bunker Pets (LP) May 2006

Set List

Something Snapped
Stained Red
Lady Catherine
The Party
Spinning Wheel
Gun Moll
Oh Well
Self Help
American Bombers
Rules of Motion

The more acoustic, and atmospheric set is

Two Bullets Back to Eden
Its Only a Foreign Song
The Death of Neb Pulken
The Graduate
Shotgun Wedding
Heartburn Candy
Mr Downer
(and any acoustic treatments of our other set we may be in the mood for!)

A Mishal Zeera live show is a versatile creature. We can play loud, immediate rock songs one after another, or sit down and play acoustic songs that fit in well in smaller, singer-songwriter type venues.

We can play 50 min sets of either variety, all different songs. We do a few Rolling Stones/Velvet Underground covers that work well with our style.