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Misha Williams

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Misha Willliams - Debut Album"

Pop Is On Its Way Back
Monday 2nd April 2007.
Johnny Boy Records

Misha Williams
Debut Album
Take It Like It Is

This summer the music industry eagerly awaits the brand
new debut album from America’s new rising guitar-pop
songstress, Misha Williams. Brimming with refreshingly
upbeat pop songs, Take It Like It Is is bound for every
teenage girl’s stereo. Misha has already been hotly-tipped
by favourite pop magazines Shout, Flipside, TOTP and
Cosmo Girl, as well as made successful appearances on
Radio 5 Live and Capital Radio.
Born and raised in Houston, Texas, nineteen year old
Misha has been in her local public eye since the tender age
of eleven, when she began stage performances at Texan
rodeo shows and race tracks. As her reputation grew across
the southern US city’s music scene, so did her performance’s
profiles, with appearances on US TV and at the traditional
Texan Jamboree, The Opry.
With an impressive average of fifty gigs a year throughout
the last seven years, Misha is set for stardom and has what
it takes. Her performances have included live collaborations
with the likes of country star, Lee Ann Womack. It was
almost inevitable that the record industry would be alerted
to her mass-potential as a recording artist, hence in 2003
she was acquainted with Grammy-nominated producer
John Ravenhall, who signed her to his own label and set
about developing her clean-cut, freshly immaculate pop
Once in the studio and surrounded by professionals
determined to make her already impressive music career a
bigger success, the multi-talented Misha was established as
she developed her striking ability for writing good, solid
pop songs. With an emphasis on the concept of adolescent
frustration, humour and common teenage experiences, the
songs Misha wrote for Take It Like It Is, such as Someone
Else’s Eyes and debut download-only single She’s Got It,
have earned her awards and nominations at many wellrenowned
contests including Ed McMahan’s ‘Next Big
Star’ contest, the John Lennon Song-writing Competition,
the Great American Song-writing Contest and the
Billboard World Song-writing Contest.
At first appearance Misha Williams is the ideal pop star;
she has the look, the attitude and the personality. However
further beneath the surface is an undoubted talent and
determination, driving her rising star-status in the revival
of commercial pop to the mainstream. Like Avril Lavigne,
Ashlee Simpson and Hilary Duff, her clinically structured
guitar pop is an accurate reflection of teenage life, and has
the capacity to go the full way and ride the radio airwaves
with graceful dominance.
Pop Is On Its Way Back
Monday 2nd April 2007.
Johnny Boy Records
Misha Williams
Debut Album
Take It Like It Is
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"Misha Williams - "Take It Like It Is""

Misha Williams - Take It Like It Is
Posted: Friday 20th October 2006

Critics are always eager to label a new singer 'the next best thing'. It's rare to actually find someone that could very well fit the tag so snuggly. At present there is a huge gap in the market for a young female singer. Someone who young girls can idolise and be inpired by. Well that gap may be filled soon enough with the arrival of 20-year old Texan singer Misha Williams. Misha's debut album Take It Like It Is is a collection of 12 self-penned songs that explore the positivity in a young girls' life. Williams has a lot to offer for one so young. She can sing (there's no doubt about that), she can songwrite, she can play instruments and she's clued up about how to survive in possibly the world's hardest business. She also moves the idea of a young female singer away from the near nakedness of many of the genre, opting to be herself rather than take her clothes off to get record sales.

Take It Like It Is is a pop triumph of a debut. The set is hook-laden, catchy and flows really well as a whole. It kicks off with Unexpectedly, a punchy rock/pop number about being unable to be away from someone. The track is one of many examples on the album that Misha is the role-model young girls have been sorely lacking. She's Got It is the set's first single and the kind of song radio loves. The catchy beat of the verses and the soaring chorus is sure to become a sing-a-long anthem. Elsewhere on the album Misha collaborates with her sister on the country-tinged Out There and the title track Take It Like It Is. Out There is one of the standout tracks on the album. The sound is very different from the rest of the set. The song begins with a country guitar riff and a spoken word verse that recalls early Sheryl Crow. The chorus turns up the electric guitar and turns the track rock. Title track Take It Like It Is is the album's anthem and perfectly supports the sentiment of the album. The song tells listeners to take life in their stride and enjoy it; a message that young girls don't hear these days. Misha's vocal exudes energy and enthusiasm and the track is a positive upbeat pop joint. Not Pretending is a darker guitar driven track. The beats are harsher and the guitar heavier. The track has potential to be a future single. Misha doesn't slow the beat down too often but she is just as impressive when she does. Someone Else's Eyes is the closest she gets to a ballad. The track is the most acoustic on the album and Misha's vocal warm and soft. The chorus shows her vocal range and showcases a different side to her.

As a songwriter Williams shows impressive maturity. The lyrics to her debut single She's Got It explore misjudging someone on how they look (something many young people and even adults can relate to). On Condescending she talks off people putting her down and patronising her, 'I may be young be young, but I'm not dumb...I may not know what I want but I do know what I don't'. Lyrics such as this will appeal to her target audience, who like Misha will probably feel misunderstood and patronised to because of their age. With her lyrics William's gives youngsters a voice and the credit they often don't receive. Her energy, positivity and passion for what she does is impressive. Her lyrics embody positivity and hopefully her audience will take this sentiment and share it around.

Take It Like It Is is a strong debut from a very promising talent. Misha's got the talent, the personality and the looks to go a long way. Her brand of catchy, optimistic pop has been sorely lacking in music. It's refreshing to hear a young girl singing about actual issues and experiences rather than cooing inane lyrics over an R&B beat. To quote her own song back at her, 'She's got it. There's nothing she can do about it.' Pop perfection at it's finest. - Entertainment Focus UK - Philip Ellwood

"Misha Williams - "Unexpectedly"

Misha Williams - Unexpectedly
Posted: Monday 19th February 2007

Rising star Misha Williams returns to the UK with her second single Unexpectedly from her debut album Take It Like It Is. Unexpectedly is destined to build on the already growing foundations laid by debut single She's Got It.

Unexpectedly is an irresistably catchy pop/rock number about falling desperately in love with someone and not wanting to be away from them for even a second. The song and the lyrics are sure to hit Misha's key market perfectly. Teen girls will be able to relate to the lyrics and the feelings of first love.

The accompanying video for the single sees Misha looking stunning and daydreaming over a boy whilst she's studying in the library. The video has an Alice In Wonderland quality to it and is an entertaining clip.

Unexpectedly has all the makings of a hit. The track is part-Michelle Branch but with a twist of Misha's own, catchy sound. The song is a cool slice of pop perfection and finds Misha spreading her wings a little and proving that she can rock with the best of them. How can anyone resist? - Entertainment Focus UK - Philip Ellwood


Take It Like It Is - Album - Japanese Release May 2007
Unexpected - Single - Japanese Release April 2007
Unexpected - Movie Theme Song "Strings" Japan May 2007

Take It Like It Is - Album - UK Release - March 2007
Unexpectedly - Single - UK Release Feb 2007
She's Got It - Single - UK Release October 2006

Radio Airplay - She's Got It - UK & Japan
Radio Airplay - Unexpectedly - UK, Japan & Spain
Radio Airplay - Someone Else's Eyes - UK



Misha Williams Music - Music has always been my life. I've been performing as many as 50 shows a year throughout Texas since I was 10 years old. This included festivals, oprys, seasonal events, weddings, funerals, school events, and anything I could get my hands on. Eventually, I realized that writing my own songs was the best way to be able to sing music that would describe who I am and what I'm all about. I began to noticed that there's so much negativity in the world lately, so alot of my songs are positive, uplifting, and flat out fun! I love pop music with lots of guitars and great rhythms, so that's what I try to put in my music. I love kids & realized that young people tend to be influenced by the media and the music they listen to. Therefore, I like to promote self-esteem, individuality, independence and believing in yourself in my lyrics. I have recently released my music in the UK with independent label Johnny Boy Records and in Japan with Avex Group. My song "Unexpectedly" was chosen to be the theme song for the Japanese release of the movie "Strings," and I had the opportunity to perform at the movie press conference. It was great to have the opportunity to live in England & visit Japan. Having the experience of being interviewed in multiple languages and learning a bit about the Japanese language and culture gave me great insight for writing new songs. While watching myself progress as a writer and artist for the last 10 years, it's amazing to look back at the steps I've taken from performing cover songs in cowboy boots at my local opry to seeing my music video play on the big screen on the street corner in Tokyo, Japan. In May of 2007, I toured as a support act for the UK pop group Girls Aloud on their Greatest Hits Tour. That was a brilliant experience for me to perform for up to 10,000 people a night, while getting to interact with the crowd and hear them react to my music. Being on a tour and knowing I could handle the schedule and perform to the best of my ability every night really showed me my strength and persistence to take this all the way.