MISS represents the ultimate sign of respect! These round the way girls representing the A with their southern charm step in the shoes of former divas Envogue and homegirls Xscape, and SWV. Their intricate harmonies lend credence to their vocal abilities and style. Yes they got that swagger!


The ultimate name of value for a young woman, Miss, simply put means respect. Known as the “Southside Sweethearts” this dynamic duo, both born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, is taking the world by storm with their raw, soulful harmony. Miss epitomizes what it means to be ladies of confidence and conviction, and with their fresh approach they personify what it means to be just that. This sisterhood surely qualifies as the duo to watch for.

Whether they’re seen as your down-to-earth home-girls or your superstar divas, they command your attention on and off the stage with their presence. These ladies have been singing their way into our hearts for some time now and they have shown no signs of stopping. You will know they are meant to be as one when you hear their very confident, well blended harmony. You will feel the emotion of every song as they deliver a powerful renditions of songs from their R&B idols, Envogue, Xscape, SWV to super-star Divas Pattie LaBelle and Diana Ross and yes, they will leave you wanting more! These talented ladies co-write, produce and arrange their signature sound and it shows through their riveting melodies on “Reasons 4 Love” and “Baby” and their hip hot hit “Chocolate”. Get ready! THIS IS MISS!

Born Frandresha Hall, this southern bell goes by the name of Miss Brie (like the cheese)! This original founding member of Miss, born and raised in College Park grew up singing since age 10. Her favorite artist include Patti LaBelle, Faith Evans and Sade. This singer/song-writer is single and currently resides in Atlanta!

Q'Shawnta Smith a.k.a. Miss Nevaeh (heaven) has been singing her way into the hearts of many since the tendor age of 5 when she belted out her first solo in the church choir. It is only natural that this shy cutie from Georgia sings like a melodic angel. She get's it from her mama!


Reason For Love

Set List

A typical set list for MISS includes many tributes to the former and present artists that they grew up listening to:

15 minute set includes:
A tribute to Xscape, SWV and Envogue
Acapella Intro.."This Is Miss"
Original Song..."Hypnotic"
1.5 minute skit includes 3 Instrumental Intro dance/club 20-30 sec. ea.
Original Song..."Chocolate" for the pretty dark skinned ladies!