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Miss Bianca

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Miss Bianca @ Sting Bar

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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When I was invited to watch this little Dynamo perform I went along for the fun of it and to cheer on a young aussi who was having a go, little did I know I was going to literally fall upon the next big thing.

She opens with a 70's disco hit, not at all what your expecting , and by doing so immediately catches you off guard. Her talent, both vocally and her talent as a stage performer, really hits you fair between the eyes and then she's got your attention. She's a real showman and that's what comes through in the first 4 seconds she's on stage.
"I start off with the big Disco number because its what I grew up listening to and its the only chance I get to parade around on stage with show girls and pretend I'm Cher" Bianca, who has met Cher and remains friends with the legendary Diva, say's laughing.
"I love all that glitz. On the other hand I don't think I'll ever try to write anything like it... we had the best of that music in the 70's and so I just like covering it...Trying to write new ones would be like trying to re-invent the wheel!"

When the dancer's disapate, (and after her uber quick costume change) Bianca bounces back onto stage with her 12 string Maton Guitar and her Cuban healed boots, Jeans and T-shirt which reads "I'm single if your rich".
She jokes about how she's currently in a relationship with George Clooney, who apparently "just doesn't know it yet".

Bianca is a gifted songwriter tooo Her own songs are amazing, really uplifting. Not only that, they actually make sense and you can follow them and understand what she's saying, which is more than I can say for a lot of acts doing the rounds at the moment.
Bianca has something that you just don't see anymore, especially in young performers... she has the ability to connect with everyone in the audience, make them laugh and make them listen. When her music gets a little cheekier, a little more risqué, as I'm sure it will, this kid is going to create Hysteria.

What else can I say other than "Watch this space".
- Anna Coreena


"Over you"- November, 2008 (EP)
"B who U R"- October, 2008 (EP)
"Loving you"- May, 2008 (EP)

"Living Proof" December, 2008 (LP)



This kid is a role model waiting in the wings...
Bianca is an inspirational young girl who not only has a powerful voice with amazing ability to touch people, she also writes her own music but most importantly, she has a message and a story to tell which comes though in her music.
Bianca was bullied badly at school because she looked different; she was born with a Craniofacial Disfigurment and had four plastic reconstructive surgeries and neuro surgery. She refused to make any appologise for who she was and, instead of conforming, created her own foundation which rails agaist bullying and descrimination of any sort.
If there's one thing you do this year its listen to her new EP "B who U R" which is about staying true to yourself, no matter what!