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"Brandi Russell"

Hi First thanks for accepting this interview!

Of course! Thank you for having me here, its always a pleasure to reach out to new fans

Who is Miss Brandi Russell can you explain your self?

Thats a big question. Im an extravagant and very dramatic artist, who loves breaking boundaries and taking two opposites and making them work together. I was born and raised in the US and had a musical education there, worked for a long time in the musical theater world and eventually moved to Amsterdam, where I was a contestant on a show called Popstars. In 2008, I won first place on that program and landed a place in a group called RED, where we scored a number one hit. After a short year, the group split up and I was presented with a solo career, which was freedom to finally be and compose the art I had always wanted to do. Since then Ive taken the time needed to make sure the album and music is the most honest representation of what I am as an artist. The result will be out this year!

What are you doing right now?

Right now Im working on writing some new music for the album and thinking of some new ways to co-produce the tracks Ive already chosen. Im also in the process of creating a new act– gothic meets Wizard of Oz— to go with my Marie Antoinette show I already do… The show is just as important to me as the music. Its all about making the package perfect… and it all takes a lot of time to make it perfect.

When come your album out?

I am currently working on my album, and am planning on having it out in the fall. The music is what I call a “cocktail of high energy pop with a shot of 80’s sounds, a touch of dance and sexy R&B flavour, and always a splash of theatrics.”

Your new Single Broken doll is out! Its fantastic what think you self?

Thank you so much! Im pretty proud of Broken Doll. I wrote it and co-produced it myself, and also wrote the script and cast and arranged everything for the music video. It was a point of breaking free for me- written about someone who felt broken by a relationship with someone or something, and though a part of her loved that relationship, she had to finally break it off in order to move on with her life as a strong, independent woman. Its meant to be a fun pop song, but with musical surprises; hence my philosophy, expect the unexpected.

When come your next single out?

The next single will be coming out soon- hopefully before the summer. The exact dates are still to be determined… Its definitely worth the wait!

Whos your favorite artists?

Music is my passion, and when Im not singing or creating music myself, im surrounding myself with the musical influences of others. I’m constantly coming in contact with artists that inspire me musically in so many different ways, and therefore my favorite artists are constantly changing. Most of the time I fall in love with one song, or the performance of a song. At the moment Im listening a lot to U2, La Roux, some of the newer songs from Rihanna, Live Recording from the I am tour of Beyonce, and Ive pre orderded the new Britney and Lady Gaga albums. But I also love some more “underground” artists as Janelle Monae, Rachelle Ferell, and Miss Platnum. Its so hard to pick favorites because as I am writing this, other names begin popping up, like Cyndi Lauper. So I’m just going to stop here.

What do you think about your fans?

My fans are loyal and wonderful people that I cherish very much. They help and encourage me to break free of the molds and always expect the unexpected at my shows. I encourage my fans to dare to be who they are and to follow their dreams, even if its a tough road. We share a wonderful relationship!

What are you plans for the future?

My focus now is to finish an exciting and emotional album, and my goal for the future is to release the album and tour internationally. I have a story to share and want to touch the lives and hearts of as many people across Europe as I can, and then brach out even further. If my music and theatrical performances can help people to feel the emotions in the music and see that if we stop pushing away what appears to be so different and just embrace it, we can be much closer with one another. And, secretly, Id love to be a part of the Eurovisie Songfestival someday… but because my songs are English, Im not sure Id be the first choice for The Netherlands…..

What do you think about our website www.themusicofnow.com?

music of now is a very chic website that is up to date with all the music thats going on in all of Europe, and not only the artists coming from the US and UK. I really appreciate seeing such a great website that takes the time to open its doors to other European artists changing music this side of the Atlantic!

Do You have twitter?

well, of course I do honey! Please follow me: missbrandiruss

I also have a facebook fanpage:


and of course my own website:


Please check the website for all updated info!
Thank you for your time!! and thanks to you and your management!

Thank you and everyone at themusicofnow.com it was such a pleasure to do this interview!

We thank Brandi russel management for this interview! - The Music of Now (Turkey)

"Brandi Broken Doll"

Brandi Russell shot to fame two years ago when she won a place in RED! on the first Dutch season of 'Popstars'. Over the weeks Brandi's performances had made her the number one favorite to win. 'Broken Doll' her first solo video has finally premiered. The video may not have a Lady Gaga budget and the crazy outfits may make Kim-Lian & Linda Bengtzing's effort seem tame in comparison, but that doesn't take away from the fact that 'Broken Doll' is a properly decent popping that nicely fits into a previously unfilled niche in the Dutch pop market.

And finally, clearly, the best moment in the entire song is the bit where the beat comes back after the note Brandi holds from 2:43 to 2:47. - Charley Says Pop Belgium


Broken Doll- single 2009



Miss Brandi Russell is not a stranger to the stage, starting off as a white girl singing her way out of a Florida ghetto into musical theater and eventually finding her way as a popstar in Europe.

A member of the American Actors’ Equity Association, Ms. Russell has performed leading roles in many musical theater productions, including Little Shop of Horrors (Audrey), Anything Goes (Reno Sweeney), Kiss Me Kate (Lois Lane), the World Premiere of Meat Street the Musical (Flo Manfred), and Grease! (Frenchy – together with Joey Fatone of NSync and Alfonso Ribero from Fresh Prince of Belair), and starred in the Vagina Monologues. She has appeared in Disney World’s Tarzan Rocks! show and in their a cappella pop group American Vybe, in the Beetlejuice Rock and Roll Revue at Universal Studios and at Universal Japan, and in shows on the Holland America Line. After moving to The Netherlands in 2005, Ms. Russell started her own entertainment production company, CastMie Producties, where she writes, casts, and produces unique musical shows and artists for events and theaters, and has created and sold eight shows.

In 2008, Ms. Russell won the Dutch televised talent contest Popstars, catapulting her career in a new direction. She landed a position in a new pop group, RED!, whose first single reached #1 on the hit charts in The Netherlands. The group, aiming at a younger audience, had thousands of fans, but Ms. Russell wanted to reach out to a bigger audience with a different style of music and a new image. Her first solo single, Broken Doll, was a dance-pop hit that stayed in the top 100 of the Dutch charts for two months. Miss Brandi Russell’s Youtube videos have been seen more than half a million times. She was seen as openings act for Night to Remember 2010, opening for artists such as: Rick Astley, T’Pau, Nik Kershaw, Paul Young, and Marc Almond. She has performed for events such as the Tour du France, the Ride for the Roses, the Miss Nederland finale, and various gay and equality events. Miss Russell also produced and starred in the first live singing and dancing show for Walibi World Fright Nights, and is writing her own pop concert/burlesque inspired cabaret documenting her life and celebrating indivudality with plans to tour Dutch theaters in 2012/2013.

She is currently writing and working on her first solo album,to be internationally released in 2011, with reputable producers and writers such as Emil Hellman- one of the co founders of the famous Cherion studios in Stockholm, Sweden- Peter Hägerås, Eric van Tijn, Jochem Fluistma, Bruce R.F. Smith, and Jon Ingoldsby- Grammy award winner from Madonna- Bruce Gaitsch- writer of Madonna's hit single La Isla Bonita- and is represented with The Talent Company, located in The Netherlands.

“An inspirational role model for aspiring performers in any genre, her unique perspective arising from her personal journey as a poor child of the ghetto who became a working actor, then a musical theater star and now a pop star, grounds her positive energy and contagious work ethic.” – Joan Travis, Musical Theater Bavaria