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Miss Celaneous

 Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA

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Inside Today

Written By: Steve Connelly

When I wake up, for a moment I’m sure
that you’re there beside me and it’s still before.
Oh, but how’d you get in here? I locked all the doors.
There’s an ache in my heart where it’s still yesterday
like the hole in the ozone, it ain’t going away,
it just keeps getting bigger, obscuring the way
all inside today.
When I wake up and I stare at my cell
there’s no message waiting, no missed calls as well.
Though I could check my e-mail…oh, what the hell.
So I turn on the shower and I take off my clothes,
the same ones I slept in, but who’s here to know?
And you still have my red shirt, you still have this hold
on me inside today.
With a head full of memories and fall-apart dreams
and these pictures I carry around.
All of those promises never achieved,
I got plenty of time for them now.
Now I’m in my car, she’s eighteen years old.
Today it’s her birthday, the day she first rolled
out of the showroom and onto the road.
Oh, but you never liked her, you’d always complain
“These fumes, they’re unhealthy, the seatbelt’s a pain.”
Oh, but she’s still here with me and you’re on some plane
all inside today,
all inside today,
all inside today.

Highway 1

Written By: Joe Milligan


I arrived on a mid day flight
There's something about this place;
That makes me feel right
Me and my demons,
We rented a car
While they sat in the back seat
And talked about the way we are

I said
Leave me out of this
What's done is done
Let's enjoy the ride down Highway 1

Over the mountains
And down to the sea
This place always seems
To cast a spell over me
And when I'm here
It's easier done than said
To call a spade a spade
And find comfort in that bed I made


If I had known
What I know now
Beg, borrow and steal;
Someway, somehow
I'm like a child
Constrained by an inside voice
I'm a grown man bound
By some stranger's choice


I was thinkin
Driving back up the coast
What it is I long for
What I miss (love) the most
And how far removed
I'd become
From the sound of a brush
On a tight snare drum